Exposed Skin Care Coupon Code 2017 – Guaranteed Max discount Today!

Clear skin is a much desired one thing for everyone. Complexion doesn’t matter if your skin is healthy and gleaming. The causes of uneven, acne prone skin vary from people to people. It’s not trouble-free to find an acne cure. Several test attempts needed to find a perfect acne treatment. In that sense a lot of money is at stake. Exposed Skin care treatment can be an angel in your life. To be sincere none can guarantee a clear non-acne prone skin, because acne treatments work differently on different people. Our skin reacts to different agent which is not universal for all people. In such case exposed skin care guarantees acne-free skin within 30days. Keep reading to find more interesting fact along with discount code or coupon code.

How to use Exposed Skin Care Coupon Code:

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You can try out product individually from Exposed skin care but I would strongly suggest not trying individual product. There’s an obvious reason behind this. You can save a lot more money if you buy there kits. Usually it has three kit options. Find out which is essential for your skin type.



If you are a beginner you can try Exposed skin care’s Basic Kit. This kit carries 5 basic essential products for you acne treatment. It includes facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne treatment serum, and clear pore serum and derma-x cloth. If you buy these products individually it will cost you about $85. But if you buy them as a kit you can save almost 40%. It eventually means it will cost you only $49.95. If your skin condition is too bad then it will be wise not to buy the basic kit. The circle of basic skin care routine isn’t fulfilled if you buy their basic kit.


If you are a newbie and wanted to get rid of acne problem you area in the right place. You can go for exposed skin cares expand kit as its effective and budget friendly also. It includes all the things from the basic kit but it also includes an oil-free moisturizer named Moisture complex. It fulfills the basic skin care circle. You need to pay only $59.95 for 6 pieces of item. It will charge you almost $120 if you buy them individually. It means full 50% discount you will get from it.


Ultimate kit comprises of total 9 items. It includes all 6 pieces of the expand kit. It has three more other item. It has microderm scrub, clarifying mask and probiotic complex. It will cost you only $94.95. It’s a 53% savings as individually it would have cost you more than $200. This thing is quite a worthy package as it gives you a complete set for your acne prone skin care.
You can give a try to the exposed skin care kit as they are providing a 30 days clear skin guarantee and also one year money back guarantee. Some people expressed that after using exposed skin care item they are facing a little bit of red blotches on the skin. I would suggest you to follow their instruction guide which mentions effective ways to try out exposed skin care items for a balanced skin.


Let’s start from the foundation. If you want a clear skin than obviously you need to follow a definite step. Below we will let you know if it is actually suitable for your skin or not.


Exposed facial cleanser is one gentle facial cleanser. Salicylic acid is specially known for its active part in the treatment of acne. It actually helps to unclog pores from dead skin cells. It mildly helps to remove your oil and dirt from your face and doesn’t create any tightening effect after cleansing. Its sulfate and paraben-free. It also includes some particle like coconut oil which eventually helps to avoid dirt from your face. It also includes oil balancing particles and sage extract. Sage extract usually helps to make your skin glow. The main popular thing about sage extract is that it has anti-inflammatory effects which actively help to free your skin from any radical damage.


Exposed clearing tonic is the first step of your acne treatment. It’s quite mild for a tonic. The main part of this thing is that it’s paraben and alcohol free. Alcohol tends to increase oil production of your skin after a certain period of time. The exhilarating part of this toner it is actually filled with natural extracts such as witch hazel, green tea extract and passion flower. Green tea is one effective tool for your skin care. It is filled with such high power of active ingredient which helps to protect our skin from any future incident. On the other hand, passion flower and witch hazel is used to make our skin smooth. It also helps to prevent redness from your skin for its anti-inflammatory effect.


Acne treatment serum is another significant part of your acne treatment. It keenly carries Benzoyl Peroxide (3.5%) which is helpful to reduce red spots, blackheads and whiteheads from your skin. Green tea and tea tree extract helps to fight against any skin disease. There’s also a balance of glycerin which helps to sooths your skin from dryness as the Benzoyl Peroxide tends to make your skin dry. This is very effective if you are seeing any large pimple or acne. Apply directly onto the pimple that is large in size. You will see instant outcome within 24 hours.


Clear pore serum is basically for the night time use. It’s a thick gel which helps to make your skin annoyance free. This contains like other product Salicylic acid, green tea, water, licorice extract. There’s load more other ingredient but we are not going to describe all those. For a night time it is not at all greasy, you can use it for hydration purpose and also for spot treatment. The smell of it is not liked by some people but that doesn’t mean it’s unpleasant.


This is one important part of a circle. Moisturizer helps to lock down the moisture of your skin to make it look radiant and tender. It is a bit silicone based product which will help you to build up to lock down your moisturizer but as it is not categorized under natural ingredients some people opposes to use it.


The main reason of acne can be oily, clogged pores and dirt. The clarifying mask carries charcoal and bentonite which helps to lessen excess oil production and impurities. You can use the mask 1-2 times a week and it actually will make your skin feel healthy and bright. There’s no far complaint about this mask as it is too good. The most exhilarating thing is that it reduces the blackheads on one wash. So think what it will be the outcome if you utilize it for one whole month.


This is one magic item. Sometimes dead skin cell can’t let other product work on your skin. In such case, you need to scrub your face and the exposed microderm scrub has those micro corundum crystals which help to exfoliate your skin. You will love this as it contains so many natural ingredients to soothe your skin.


This is last item which needed your attention the most I guess. The probiotic complex is packed with so many energetic ingredients that you will feel the urgency of it. It helps to solve your acne problem from inside. This works as supplement for your body which assists you to have a sturdy immune system.


  • Whenever you are trying one acne treatment program, you need to have patience. You won’t get a good result if you are not following the balance skin care routine.
  • If you are an irritant against Benzyl peroxide than you can stop using for a few days. It means you can stop the usage of exposed acne treatment serum. Try to continue using other exposed care items in the meantime. After continue using of the other product for 10 days to 15 days start using the Acne treatment serum which will help you in many other ways. Don’t try to take a high dose at first stage.
  • Exposed skin care offers many promo code and discount code every now and then. So, keep our website on your bookmarks so that you can find out about the discount easily.
  • Exposed skin care gives a 30 days money back guarantee which is a huge appreciation. They will also give you a one year money back guarantee if you feel you are not benefitted from it.
  • You will get a $25 credit if you give back those empty bottle after using it.