How to Get Rid of A Double Chin Fast

Double chin makes us look fatty. It’s a fat which produces under the chin skin. Also it can be said that double chin appears due to extra layer of skin. There are many reasons behind this extra skin. Aging, Obesity, excessive sun exposure or poor diet can strengthen double chin.

You will certainly notice that some people are fat but there face is slim looking. Again you will notice that there are some people who are slim but they have double chin. It’s because of their biological problem. Whenever there is increase in the fat level double skin occurs.

I know you are desperately looking for answer on how to reduce double chin. Much of my talking lets come to the point of how you can get rid of double chin fast. I will try to level best to share with you my tips to this appalling dilemma.



If you are too impatient than you can go for the surgical process but remember it necessitates a lot of money and also it can bring further affect on our body. I will attach the procedure that I tried myself and stick to the end because there’ll be some interesting facts that you don’t want to pass up.


Chewing bum is the finest and cheapest solution in reducing double chin. By chewing gum it will tighten your jaw and chin muscles. This will help you to get rid of double chin fast. You can eat gum several times a day. If you think any gum will help you to reduce double chin then I guess you are wrong. Obviously, go for the gum which is sugarless. Gum containing sugar can increase the fat as well that is why you need to avoid sugar.


It is a form of exercise to me. You will notice that sometimes after chewing gum we feel so thirsty. That isn’t good for all time. It’s the best exercise in such a case. Try open and close your mouth and also try to open it widely. When you will open your mouth widely, this will stretch your muscle of chin. You can try this exercise whenever you are having a free time. This will help you to reduce down your double chin to a greater extent.


Pulling of chin muscles is one of the most popular among all. To do this you need to sit normally and try to sit straight. Then pull upward your chin muscle. It’s from the inside of your mouth. Pull the chin to that extent to which it is moderate for you to bear. Then be in that condition for about 10 second. Repeat this process 6 times for 3 days. After 3 days, extend the time from 10 second to 20 second.


There are many solutions regarding this double chin. The reduction of double chin will take at least 1 week if you workout properly. There is one temporary solution for you. Try to use makeup on your chin and jaw area. Use an extra one tone darker shade than your skin color. Then by using e big brush apply the shade systematically. This will hide your double chin and its one frequently used temporary method.


By massaging the neck area it can improve your skin condition. Massage the chin with warm mustard oil. The chin area will tighten after a few times massage. Some uses cocoa butter. You can use cocoa butter but mustard oil is effective in my thinking. Daily massage mustard oil and you will notice a better result. (In case you wanted to use Cocoa butter, simply just take one spoon of cocoa butter and microwave it for 30 second. rub the cocoa butter on the chin area just like as I mentioned before)


If you want to get rid of your sluggish extra chin then you must consume lots of water. Water helps to flash out toxic from our body. Toxic is one of the reason for which there occurs fatty look on our body. Try to drink at least 10 glasses of water to remove toxic from our body.


Low calorie food is essential if you are experiencing fat in your body. Now-a-days we are dependent much on junk food. Junk food increases the fat level of our body. The increase of fat and calorie will ultimately tend to increase the chin. So, try to avoid consuming junk food as much as you can.


Now-a-days laser treatment is popular among everyone. It’s an expensive process but people are looking forward to go through this process. If you can bear the cost of surgery then you can try it. First of all you must do the exercise than you can go for surgery. It should be the last option in your list.


Consumption of green tea can reduce fat and calories from your body. Green tea contains antioxidant which speeds up the process of burning calories. At least try to drink one cup of green tea daily.


Foods which are rich in vitamin E can reduce your calories. Vitamin E also helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. Vegetables, green leaf, different types of nuts, barley, liver and etc contains a good amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E makes your skin tighten up and radiant.


I have mentioned earlier to stick to the end. Those who are reading this know what I am talking about.

The thing, the little secret I wanted to share is that the exercise for double chin solely is quite funny to hear. Yes! You heard it right. Only exercise for double chin won’t result in getting rid of double chin. You need to do full body workout to thin down your chin area. The major reason behind this is because people are the place where calories love to build up. I know you are laughing after reading this line. Full body workout ensures fit body and gives you a chance of not having any fat in your body. Excess fat can be the main reason of double chin. So, try to focus on the full body workout and you will see the result.

Double chin is a problem which can be lessened easily by following the aforesaid matters. This will help you to look better and will make you free in terms of facing any situation. Try this regularly and I am sure that you will find a result fast before you can think.


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