How Much Does a Colonoscopy Cost?

While this is a valid question that can and should be asked, especially if there is no medical insurance coverage provided, the answer can often vary, depending on several factors that should be discussed with your physician.

How Much Does a Colonoscopy Cost?

How Much Does a Colonoscopy Cost

If you search the Internet, you will probably find a wide range of prices, varying from as little as $800 to over $5,000. While the majority of these websites suggest that a colonoscopy should cost around $800 but no more than $2000, it is difficult to be certain which sources are the most reputable and accurate. If you are paying cash for your Colonoscopy procedure, you will need an accurate estimate.

Insurance and Your Colonoscopy

If you need a Colonoscopy and are insured, you will likely have nothing to worry about. Your insurance should cover the entire procedure, minus any fees or deductibles outlined in your policy. Some insurance companies will ask for payment prior to the procedure and provide compensation while others will cover every expense from diagnosis to follow up care.

Variances in Colonoscopy Coverage

Nearly every insurance company will offer different discounts and deductibles when planning and paying for your Colonoscopy. You will find that co-payments will also vary among these companies, based on personal policy benefits. Here are some examples.

Partial Coverage

There have been particular cases where Colonoscopy patientshave been asked to pay an extra bill for something that is not covered by their insurance provider. This leaves the patient and his family feeling confused and uncertain as to whether the bill should be paid or turned away.

Insurance Coverage by Percentage

Some insurance companies do not cover the entire price of a Colonoscopy, but will instead offer to pay anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of the total cost of the procedure, including any extra charge that might be incurred.This can be worrisome to patients who realize that 20 to 40 percent of $800 is an extreme difference when compared to $5000.

High Deductibles

Still other insurance companies provide a high deductible health plan, which can sometimes be a good alternative compared to traditional insurance coverage. For these kinds of insurance plans,it is important to shop around for the lowest price before scheduling a Colonoscopy.

Do’s and Don’ts of Colonoscopy Costs

With or without an insurance policy and appropriate medical coverage for your Colonoscopy, there are certain things to watch for when making a decision regarding cost.

  1. Before paying for a Colonoscopy,it is important to ask for the full price prior to commitment. Make sure this price includes an itemized list of everything you may need from the first step until the last. This estimate should include the doctor’s fee, anesthesiology, lab tests and other charges. You do not want any surprises when the big day arrives.
  2. Know exactly how much the facility fees are and how much of those fees you will be expected to pay. Most often applied by hospitals and surgery centers, the facility feeis an amount charged to the customer for use of facility resources. If you have medical coverage, find out exactly how much of these fees will be covered by your insurance.
After a Colonoscopy

As you calculate the costs of a Colonoscopy, remember to include post-surgery care and follow up appointments so you can heal quickly and correctly. During this already stressful time, you do not need to worry about the financials.