How to Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast At Home

52% people of USA visits to doctors place with the problem of cold sores. A raw survey was conducted and the result is immense. Cold sores are nothing but a fluid filled with tiny lesion. Usually it occurs on and around the lips. It is also known as fever blisters. It’s called fever blister because there are presence of blisters around the lips and mouth. When you have cold sore, skin around the blister will be red and swallow. If you have cold sores before taking any further remedial issues you need to have a good preventive system so that you won’t get a chance of having this contagious disease again and again.


What causes cold sores?

Main reason for cold sores is herpes simplex virus. There are two types of herpes virus can cause cold sores, that are HSV-1 and HSV-2. The common and usual one is the HSV-1 type which is concurrent.

How to get rid of cold sores:

Getting rid of cold sores is not a difficult task. Cold sores usually tend to heal automatically after 7 to 10 days. But if you take some easy steps then you can manage this problem very easily and get rid of it. I am suggesting you to take simultaneously two different methods at a time. Don’t get panicked if you are having cold sores, we will try to cover up most of the part to convey you some quick solutions.

STEP-1: Home Remedies:

Use petroleum jelly:


Apply a petroleum jelly over the cold sores and make a thin coat over it. Petroleum jelly can inhibit the further chance of infection. Petroleum jelly also reduces severity and extension of the cold sores. Actually it acts like a shield against the infection. It will make the area moist and will help to give a protective layer which will ultimately reduce the inflammation.

Use tea tree oil:


Tea tree oil is very popular for the treatment of cold sores. If you are trying to minimize the size of cold sores to almost 50 percent than tea tree oil should be your first choice. Tea tree oil has all kinds of properties like anti-fungal, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory. Take equal amount of tea tree oil and water. Now mix it properly and make a mixture. Now apply it over the lesion by using a piece of sterile cotton ball.

Try a dub of vanilla extract:


If you use few drops of vanilla extract than surely it will accelerate the healing of cold sore. But make sure that, you are using natural vanilla extract not artificial. Try to use pure vanilla extract. Apply with a cotton ball on the affected area and keep for a long time. It will heal the sore area quickly. Use vanilla extract 2 times a day.

Compress by hot or cold water bottle:


You can apply hot water bottle over your cold sores. It will reduce you pain a lot. You can apply this method at any time. In Stead of Hot compress you can also use Cold compress to get relief from sores.

Use of rubbing alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol helps by drying out the affected area. The bacterial infection usually increases if your cold sore area is wet or damp. Take a Q tip and take a small amount of rubbing alcohol and dab it over the cold sore. Keep it for sometimes and you will feel the tightening effect for a few times. Don’t get panicked as it is normal. Regular use of rubbing alcohol can increase the healing time.

Licorice extract:


Licorice extract contains anti inflammatory agent and also it contains an aid substance which heals the cold sore very quickly. My friend started using licorice extract direct. I usually don’t like the method and later on came to know that it’s causing a bit of problem in applying directly. You can use licorice powder or extract mix with rose water. I like this method and suggested it to one of my friend. She applied and noticed that the method is more soothing than applying it directly.

STEP -2: Over the counter drug treatment:

Try docosanol cream:

abreva-cold-sore-treatment-docosanol-10-cream-24881843Docosanol cream is a well known and approved cream for the treatment for cold sores. It is also known as beneyl alcohol cream. Apply this cream over the cold sores and do it 4-5 times in a day. But something there is difference between the strength of Docosanol cream. So, before using it; read the guideline of use properly.

Use NSAID for pain relief:


If there is a mild pain in cold sore than you can use some nasiad drug. You can use paracetamole, ibuprofen, aspirin etc. They can not only reduce pain but also act against inflammation.

 Use temporary anesthetics cream:


If you have severe pain or itching from cold sores then you can use some temporary anastetics cream. Cream which contains lidocaine or benzocaine act as a temporary local anastetic cream. They are available in all drug houses.

Prevention is better than the cure:

I usually believe in preventive measurement more than curing process. I personally don’t like any disease because I am a medical person and disease is our main enemy. I would suggest you; if you have cold sores than tell other about its prevention.

  1. Boost your immune system. Take vitamins and minerals containing foods. You may take multi vitamin supplements.
  2. Always take plenty of water. It will waste out your body metabolite and keep your skin well hydrated.
  3. Eat green leafy vegetable. They make your body more strong against disease.
  4. Don’t work over night and take proper rest and sleep.
  5. Wash your hands frequently.
  6. Stress and hypertension can cause breakout of cold sores. You have to take less stress to get rid of cold sores problem.

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