How To Get Rid Of Mucus In Throat

Let’s think that you are on a meeting and giving presentation. At that time when you were talking with great confidence suddenly some Mucus clogged in the path of your throat and obviously there was problem in talking. Thus, your presenting behavior is long gone after you were choking because of the dreadful mucus. This situation is very ghastly and no one likes this condition at all. Extensive mucus problem can cause other types of disease.


mucus in throat

The scientific name of mucus is phlegm. This is like a thick fluid which is yellowish or off white in color. Yellow mucus is some sometimes seen whenever there is a fungal or bacterial infection. Whenever you are facing fever, cold, viral fu or other cold related diseases, after passing some days you will notice that you are having mucus in your throat. In case of bad conditioned cold or other serious cold related diseases you will notice that you mucus is very heavy in texture and will be in yellowish green color. If the mucus or phlegm condition increases you will notice that the condition of your throat is getting deteriorating and you need to see the doctor as soon as possible.

So much of all the talking’s. Let’s come to the point of getting rid of this problem. People use many more techniques to get rid of problem either they follow their own remedies or they follow the prescribed words of the doctors. Here, below there is going to be given some remedies which will ease down your quandary to a greater extinct.


My personal suggestion is to use the steaming process to get rid of thick, nasty mucus. This should be tried out first because people sometimes find it difficult to cough out the mucus and if the mucus or phlegm is too thick then it becomes stubborn to come out of the throat or nostrils. Steaming makes it easy for a person to loosen up the mucus and easily can cough it out.

Boil 1 liter of water which is supposedly 1 big mug and boil it till the water boils very coarsely and then add with it some menthol. Menthol helps to loosen up your nose, throat, and your chest. Of course you need to cover your head with a big towel so as that the steam doesn’t fade away easily. The towel also helps to let the steam enter into your nostril directly. Then you will feel very light and comforting.


This is effective form of mixture. This is an aged old method which is used by my grandmother. This surely will loosen up your mucus to a greater extent. Now, take a deep shaped metal table spoon then pour in it some mustard oil and half of a medium sized lemon. Add a pinch of salt in it. Now, held the spoon over the stove and let it to heat up well enough. Wait till the mixture bubbles up adequately. Drink 1-2 tsp at a time. Again the second days drink another 2 tsp. This would be enough if you are having a mild mucus problem. You will notice you will have a coughing and at that time many of the mucus is coming out. Sometimes the mucus can come through a mild vomiting or with your feces. This will surely help to reduce down your mucus.


Honey is beneficiary in many cases. It is a natural ingredient which is used for many more skin related or cold related troubles. Take equal amount of honey and lemon in a bowl and then from that mixture take 2 tsp of the honey mixture. Lemon helps to clear away the mucus on the throat and the honey soothes you throat.


This is another mixture which is made with a number of spice ingredients. Firstly pour 2 glasses of water in a pan. Then add with it 2 bay leaves, 4/5 cloves and 1 cinnamon stick. After heating for 5 minutes take out the bay leaves. Then add 3 Cardamom pods, few basil leaves and few mint leaves. Now boil till the mixture reduces to one glass quantity. Strain the mixture and then let it cool down. Add with it 1 tsp of lemon and 1 tbsp of honey. This mixture will release your mucus from the throat.


drink tea which is herbal or green tea. Herbal tea will pacify your irritation of the throat and it will help to loosen up the mucus. You can also use ginger and lemon in your tea. Instead of sugar use honey in the tea. Ginger helps to reduce the infection which is causing the mucus to build up in your throat or chest.


Nasal rinse is very important for the children because they don’t know when to take out the mucus. Purchase any kind of nasal drops which is available everywhere. This is a temporary method. After 3-4 hour you will notice that again your phlegm is jammed in your throat or nostrils.


Eat spicy and hot food which will break down the mucus and you will feel runny nose after eating spicy food. It will help to reduce the phlegm.

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