How to use Exposed Skin Care Products?

We know that you are desperate to get the perfect skin you have always dreamed with, but be careful: if you do not use properly the products, you can end up with dry skin, which is not exactly what you are looking for. You are looking for normal and healthy-looking skin, not dry skin. You would be exchanging a problem for another, which does not make sense.

Your acne is not going to cure overnight, and it may get a little bit worse before it actually starts to get better. You need to wait and over a couple of weeks the improvements should be visible for you and people around, like friends and family. Quantity does not equal quality, so the more product you use is not better for skin (it may worsen your skin condition). Be careful, because too much can irritate your skin. Just use enough product, not less or more, if you want your skin to really improve.

You have to be gentle and consider that everyone’s skin is different. If you have dry and sensitive skin, you have to use very small amounts of acne treatment serum (one time per day or one time each two or three days, taking into account how sensitive is your skin), while if your skin is oily you may use larger amounts of acne treatment serum because your skin can handle it (twice per day, if necessary). You are going to have two different routines: a morning routine and an evening routine.

In the morning, you have to wet your face and then work a small amount of the facial cleanser into your hands. Now you have to gently wash your skin for 10-15 seconds, avoiding contact with your eyes. After that, you shall rinse the facial cleanser with water and dry your skin with an appropriate clean absorbing towel. Now you must apply the clearing tonic over your face and while your skin is still wet, apply the Acne Treatment Serum in your skin over entire blemish prone area, being careful with the eye area and considering what type of skin you have, if sensitive, or oily. Let the serum dry, at least for 5 minutes.

In the evening, you will follow the same routine when applying the facial cleanser and clearing tonic, but you shall apply the Clear Pore Serum when your skin is still wet and not the Acne Treatment Serum.
Optional: You can apply the Moisture Complex over your face once it is completely dry, to give it a smooth and sexy look.

Now, please do not forget and always take into account that you have to be patient. The treatment lasts at least for 10 weeks, but you are going to start seeing visible results after 2 weeks, which is not a really long time. The first week is for the adjustment period, when some pimples may appear and the condition may seem to have worsened, but after the fourth week you will see less pimples forming in your skin and old blemishes healing faster.

The improvements will continue, especially after the sixth week when they usually become really noticeable and your friends will start asking you what kind of skin treatment you have got. Your skin will get slightly smoother, and after the tenth week, the healing will be almost over. Your skin will be smoother than ever with reduced pores and less inflammation, and you shall prolong the use of Exposed Skin Care products to prevent new breakouts and maintain your new smooth complexion for the rest of your life.
Good luck and be patient! It will be worth it!