How to Get a Six Pack in a Week Fast

I know six pack abs is one of the most desire thing for a body builder. Actually it’s liked by all. Many people have more concern on six pack abs than biceps or chest. They try hard to get six pack abs but majority of them failed due to inadequate information and wrong workout on it.

For me, it’s not so hard to get a six pack abs but first of all you have to do correct exercise and follow some effective rules. First of all let me clear one thing, it’s not possible to get six pack abs within a week if you are a beginner. If anyone tells you that, he has some tips to make six pack abs within a week than definitely you are going to be fool. But you can make your abs more prominent within a week and if you are beginner then you can get six pack abs within month.

How can you get six pack abs within sort time?

How to Get a Six Pack in a Week

You have to follow some basic rule if you want to get six pack abs. I am going to share some effective tips on it.

1. Diet menu for six pack abs:

Six pack abs are not depend only work out. Diet plays a very important role on it. Your workout may be perfect but if you don’t follow six pack abs diet menus then you will not get your desirable result.

A. Take plenty of water:


I thing its one the most important thing for six pack abs. If you want a beautiful six pack abs then take plenty of water. Never take less than 2.5liter water in a day.

B. Add fibers in your diet:

Fibers help in normal metabolism process. Take green leafy vegetables. Add salad in your diet. They will make you body stable.

C. Take fruits:

Drink fresh fruit juice. I suggest you try to drink homemade fruit juice rather than packed juice. Fruits and fruits juice give you energy as well as vitamin and minerals. These things will give you a proper balanced metabolism.

D. Make sure that your body get proper protein:

Protein is a body building food. Add more protein in your diet. Drink half liter milk in day and take two boiled egg white in a day. Don’t take egg yolk because its rich in cholesterol. Don’t forget to add meat, fish, and liver in your diet because it’s a great source of protein.

Avoid fast food and cold beverage:

Fast food is the main enemy against your six pack abs. Your all workout is going to spoil if you take fast foods like pizza, Burger, cold drinks etc. Avoid taking ice-cream because its rich on sugar.

Maintain a diet routine:

Don’t take plenty of foods at a time. Follow a diet routine. Study shows that, if you take three standard meals and three small snacks in a day then it will helps a lot for body building.

Take protein supplement:

It’s very difficult to met proper protein requirement. So you should take protein supplement for better result. There are many body building protein supplement are available in the market. Choose one of them for you.

Proper sleep is must:

A sound sleep can give you a sound mind and a healthy body. Sleep 8hours at night. Avoid late night sleeping. Day sleeping is also bad for health so avoid this too.

2. Workout for six pack abs:

Abdomen contains a pair of muscle. And those muscles are Rectus abdominis and external oblique. Rectus abdominis lays midline of the front abdominal wall and external oblique lays both sides of rectus abdominis. Your main target will be to prominent those group of muscles. To make those muscles prominent you have to follow some six pack workout. Some very effective workouts for six pack abs are given below.

1. Do sit ups:

It’s a superb and traditional workout which is favorite to me. It’s very affective and doing sit ups is very easy .Simply lie on the floor, make your knees up, feet on the floor and crossed hands on chest. Now wedge your legs underneath something which is heavy. Now sit all the way up and lift lower back off the floor. You have to do it along with shoulder blades. Make sure that your back is straight. Now lower yourself down and repeat this procedure. Do it 3 sets and 15 reps in every set.

2. Do crunches:

It’s very simple to do. First take a floor mat. Lie on the floor mat. Then touch your temples lightly by hands. But never touches behind your head. Now bend your knees and raise your shoulders toward your both knees. Apply pressure to your abdominal muscles. You should be careful about one thing and that is never lifting your whole back off from the floor. Because it can causes serious back strain. Do it 20 reps 3 sets.

3. Does Leg rise:

It’s another very affective workout. First take a floor mat and lie on it. Now straight out your legs. Place your hands at your sides. Now gently lift your legs straight up but not bend your knees .Straight your legs at a 90 degree angle or someone near about that. At last lower your legs but don’t touch the floor. Now repeat it again.

4. Do sitting twist:

This workout will give pressure mainly on oblique muscle. Firstly, sit in the floor with bending legs. Now twist your body both side to side. Do it 15 reps 3 sets.

5. Do heel taps:

Heel taps is a very effective cardio workout. Lie on floor. You can use with or without mat. Bend your legs. Now try to touch your heel by your hand. Touch your right heel by right hand and left heel by left hand.
Do it 15 reps 3 sets.

6. Do pull ups hanging from a horizontal bar:

This workout is very much effective. Do it 10 reps 3 sets.

7. Try an ab roller exercise:

Ab roller exercise is a little bit of difficult for the beginner. Ab roller exercise gives firm pressure over your abdominal muscle.

8. Do cardio workout twice in a week:

If you want a beautiful abs then do cardio workout twice in a week. Don’t stop cardio workout for a long period of time.
You should keep in mind that, six pack abs is a type of body modification so keep patience. If you follow our tips properly then definitely you will get six pack abs within very short time.

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