Why is Green Tea Good For You?

Archeologists show that around 72% of the world population depends on green tea! And people are steeping green tea leaves for more than 5000 years.

Green tea is really a kind of extraordinary beverage in our daily food circle. There is a potential plant nutrient in green leave. It is called epigallocatechin gallate. Catechins are more powerful than vitamins C and E in halting oxidative damage to cells and appear to have other disease fighting characteristics. It helps to improve the body immune responsiveness on our body. Green tea has benefits beyond its ability to get rid of thirst.

Besides being quenching thirst it has many more healing health related properties. Many researchers have been working for decades for enlisting the benefit of green tea. In some cases it can be told the best medicine for a person. If you are not a green tea lover than I am telling you are deprived of many health benefit issues. Yes, of course green tea is very beneficial in many consequences. Below I am showing the reasons why green tea is good for our health.


1.Green tea as cancer prevention:


Green tea helps reduce the highest risk of cancer. The antioxidants in green tea shrink the tumors in mice. It is far better than vitamin C and E. In some studies it is shown that the higher the consumption of green tea the lower the risk of stomach, pancreatic and prostate cancer. Researches are being made to find out either green tea helps to lessen down cancer or not. In a large scale of research it’s seen that people drinking green tea have much more immune system to fight against cancer. 22% women have less possibility of having cancer that is drinking green tea frequently. Though, we have seen controversial reviews about this. No definite answer is seen regarding cancer rate to lessen down by consuming green tea.

2.Prevention of heart disease:


Potential aid have been surveyed that green tea had its own ability to cut or burn off extra fat which resides in human body. Heart disease become lower as green tea prevents the cholesterol which stagnant in blood vessel. Besides this green tea also helps the people who suffered from heart disease by developing the cells of heart.

3.Immunity regaining medicine:


As like ram booster green tea helps as an immune booster. The flavonoids which are found in green tea helps regain our immune system. If our immune system is stronger than we can get rid of any kind of infection. It helps to reduce colds, flu and genital warts. It can be said as the full package of powerful antioxidants. These materials can help you fill up the damage in our immune system. Try to go for good quality green tea which will actively help you increase commanding immune system.

4.Medicine of diabetics:


Green tea helps to reduce the blood sugar level. Green tea can prevent development of type 1 diabetics. It can be used as an aid for diabetics once it has developed in a person. Recent studies shows that people drinking drink tea have lower risk than the people drinking no tea at all. Green tea helps to reduce down the blood sugar level. It eventually means that after eating your blood sugar level won’t change due to consumption of green tea.

5.Effective cure for anti-aging:


Green tea contains an antioxidant named polyphenols which fight against the free radicals. It simply means that polyphenols fight against aging. The people of Japan, Korea or china have the highest probability of not aging so fast because they are the active particle to consume green tea at a greater rate.

6.Asthma prevention:

I know you must be surprised to hear that green tea for asthma. Yes, it really helps to improve the asthma problem. Green tea relaxes the muscles which reduces the severity of asthma.

7.Prevention of liver disease:

Green tea helps to improve liver diseases. A Japanese study shows that green tea eliminates free radicals in fatty livers.

8.To prevent Parkinson’s & Alzheimer:

The agent antioxidants in green tea helps prevent against cell damage in the brain which could cause Parkinson’s. The people having this brain disease should drink four cups of green tea every day.

For Alzheimer patient green tea is an effective medicine to heighten the memory. Alzheimer has no exact cure but green tea helps to slow down the process of reduced acetylcholine in the brain, which causes Alzheimer. Many controversy raised either it helps in effective way or not. Some tests were run to see the result and it gave a mixed result. It was shown on the consequence that it helped to slow down Alzheimer and effectively increased the functionality of brain cell damage.

9.Medicine for food poisoning:

Catechin helps to kill bacteria which are caused by from food poisoning. Green tea eliminates the toxins produced by those harmful bacteria. Most exhilarating thing that green tea does is that it can help you to breath in relax motion. You won’t get a chance of bad breath if you are consuming green tea regularly.

10.Skin disease problem:

Green tea helps to prevent each types of skin disease problem. Antioxidant in green tea helps to cure any types of skin infection. I suffered a lot with skin disease. Then I switched to green tea instead of milk tea. Then I witnessed that really green tea helps to improve my skin condition and yet you know it also helps to prevent free radical. I was mesmerized after seeing the result. I didn’t like the taste before until I found out that it is for health beneficiary issues and then I started to consume green tea and saw a dramatic change.

11.Weight losing agent:

Green tea cuts fat and it heightens the metabolism rate naturally. One of my cousin was suffering from fat issue I suggested her to drink green tea twice a day. I learned from a researcher that green tea helps to reduce 75 calories per day. It’s a huge step to reduce your weight. The strange part is that she did a experiment by consuming green tea and noticed that after 3 months her abdominal area is flat, no excess sluggish fat were seen and also her waist perimeter reduces to a greater rate. Regular consumption of green tea actually helps to lessen down

12.Lessening the risk of Cardiovascular disease:

This is one of the most common causes of death all over the world. A study showed that people drinking green tea has 31% lower risk of having any types of cardio issues. It also helps to reduce the total and LDL cholesterol.

The health benefits of green tea can’t be count that effortlessly. Try to drink two cups of green to diminish any health issues.

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