Top 12 Best natural laxatives for adults

Constipation is a common and often uncomfortable problem. It can manage very easily by using natural laxatives. In our earlier article we have discussed about constipation, its cause and home cures for constipation. But today I am going share the information about natural laxatives for constipation. But if you want to know details about constipation then you can also check that article.

What are laxatives?

In brief, laxatives are group of substance which makes the stool soft. Soft stool is easy to pass out. Laxative draw water from the intestine and mix with the stool so stool gets soft.
Actually there are many laxatives available in the market. Some are natural and some are chemical based. But people prefer natural laxatives over chemical based.

Best Natural laxatives for adult:


There are many natural laxatives for adult. Only I prefer best for our visitor. So I am going to share the name of some best natural laxatives.

1. Always have plenty of water:

Water is the king of all laxatives. Drink plenty of water daily. Drink at least 2-3 liter water in a day. Trust me if you take all laxatives without taking plenty of water then definitely it’s not going to work. This theory is obtained from my elder brother who was suffering from severe constipation. Nowadays he is completely alright because of taking plenty of water. But he takes other fiber rich diet also. Actually combined effect of water and fiber make him free from constipation but main part is done by the water.

2. Eat ripe papaya:

This fruit is best not only for its taste but also for its laxative effect. It can make the stool very soft because it contains fiber, water and other extract. Eat at least a piece of papaya daily then you will discover the magical effect of papaya. You can also drink papaya juice as a natural laxative.

3. Take fiber richer diet:

Fiber is a very essential component of foods. It can’t digest in human intestine so it remains unchanged in the intestine. This fiber makes the stool soft. So try to eat fiber richer fruits and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables, Ray, wheat breads, bran flakes, almonds, peanuts, walnut etc contain high fiber. Actually fiber is a stool bulk forming agent. It also increases the peristaltic movement of the gut.

4. Have olive oil:

Olive oil is a really effective natural laxative. Just mix 1 tablespoon of olive with a cup of lemon juice. Now drink it at early morning before consuming any food. Surely it will make you much comfortable at toilet.

5. Take a cup of warm lemon juice:

Warm lemon is can be act as a useful natural laxative. Warm lemon juice causes the stool soft. It is best when you take a cup of warm lemon juice in the morning before breakfast.

6. Take sorbitol:

Sorbitol is a natural laxative for constipation. Actually it is a sugar which doesn’t digest in human intestine. Sorbitol draws water from the gut and makes the stool soft. So if you are a constipated person then try to eat sorbitol reached foods. I can suggest some sorbitol richer fruits like apple, strawberry, raspberry, plump, pears and so on

7. Prunes:

Prunes are sweet and juicy fruit. It can work as a natural laxative because it contains large amount of fiber.1 cup prunes contain 7.5-8gm fiber. This fiber can make your stool soft. Fiber also forms the bulk of feces. It also decreases the probability of heart disease, cholesterol level and cancer.

8. Drink fresh coconut water:

Coconut water is effective laxative for adult. It’s a natural source of water. Coconut water is very useful for many conditions like glucoma, atherosclerosis, and dehydration. It’s also use in constipation. If you drink coconut water and coconut milk then sometimes it causes abnormal bowel movement and increase gut motility. So that relief persons from constipation.

9. Use aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a very old but effective natural laxative for adult. Its dried latex can be used as oral laxative. Dried latex obtained from the inner lining of the leaf. Get a cup of aloe Vera juice in the morning. It will help your bowel movement.

10. Try Epsom salt:

You can also try Epsom salt as a natural laxative. Epsom salt is easily available in your near drug house. You need to make a fruit juice then mix 2 teaspoon of Epsom salt with it. Now drink that juice and wait for bowel movement. If bowel movement doesn’t occur within 4hours then you may try another dose. Remember one thing, if you want to use Epsom salt for children then mix 1/2 teaspoon of Epsom salt with fruit juice.

11. Exercise Daily:

Research indicates that people who are less physically active have more chance to develop constipation. You must keep your body fit. Give at least 10minutes for exercise. If you keep up a busy schedule, then walking can be your best exercise. Don’t sit all the day or lay in the bed. If you make yourself physically active then your gut movement also increases. Increased bowel movement causes easy passes of stool.

12. Maintain Daily toilet routine:

Some people have a very bad habit. They simply ignore the feeling of needing toilet. This habit can develop constipation. So follow your daily toilet routine. Most of the people go to the toilet at morning so you should follow that routine.
I think now you have a proper idea about natural laxatives. You can use any of them but plenty of water and fiber richer diet is must. I hope you will beneficial by our article. Thank you for supporting us by reading the article.

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