How long does food poisoning last

On one joyous afternoon, you were with your friends and enjoying the food or beverages with real comfort. After passing a pleasing time when you returned home you felt e slight sickness. Time by time the sickness grew in greater extent. Then you ran through many possible sources why this sudden sickness occurred. After a long and tiring research you realized that the food and beverages you took caused illness to your health. One of your friend also told that he was feelings the same way and you realized that you and your friend have food poisoning.



Food poisoning is a usual disease which is faced by most of the people in the world. The name food poisoning can give you an idea that the main reason behind this problem is contaminated food or water. Food and water can be polluted through many reasons. Those are:

• Bacteria
• Virus
• Toxins
• Chemical. These are the main reasons behind food poisoning.

Vomiting tendency is the main symptom in case of food poisoning but diarrhea is also a common symptom in such situation. The major problem which weakens our immune system is the dehydration. Abdominal pain is also known in case of food poisoning.
In health sector, daily many people come with the problem of food poisoning. This has become a common issue for everyone till now.


Children suffer a lot as they can’t express how they are feeling. The nausea feeling makes them pale and distrait. Their problem arises as they refuses to eat or drink. Moreover every child hates to drink fluids. Their food poisoning can lead up to 2 to 15 days depending on their criteria of galloping fluids or based on the reasons of contaminated foods. Below are some common culprits which are the causes of food poisoning with their lasting effect. I am only talking about a few infections or bacteria.


First on my list are the E-coli as now-a-days this infection is growing at a higher rate. In most cases, it has been seen that undercooked food and dirty drinking water contains this infection. Children under the age of 5 suffer a lot with this problem and it can be severe. It can lead to destruction of red blood cells on children. It takes up to 7-10 days for children to recover from E-Coli.


Unpasteurized milk or dairy products and undercooked poultry items are the main for this bacterial infection. This can cause a problem of urine infection in further circumstances. Salmonella can take up to a month to recover. If children are not given proper care than it can lead to several months.


Campylobacter is the major cause of diarrhea. In a survey, it has been seen that about 43.93% people of the whole world faces this bacteria. Long age this infection caused a lot of life threatening problem. Children will take up to 15 days to their full recovery.


Adults can frequently manage their food poisoning as they know what is best for them. They need to drink lots of fluids to demise the food poisoning. E-coli, Campylobacter, salmonella, listeria and other infections also cause food poisoning to adults. The nausea feeling can take up to 2 days but the vomiting occurs only on the first day. Adults recover in more than 3-10 days. The Campylobacter can lead to retinal or brain damage problem if not given proper care. Adults are busy with their daily chores and they wanted to demise there in 1 day by galloping antibiotics.


Elder people are just like the children. They suffer a lot with food poisoning as they have comprised immune system. It can take at least 2 days to 15 days. Sometimes old people faces severe problem due to bacterial infection. Elder people suffer with listeria infection because of their poor immune system. In case of listeria it is better to seek medical attention.

Actually the duration of food poisoning depends on your attempt against the causable organism. Food poisoning last long in the children and elder than the young adult. You can recover from food poisoning within 2-3 days if you take proper medication. My suggest will be, if you are a adult person suffering from food poisoning then you can take some over the counter drug. But if your child suffering from food poisoning then consults a pediatrician before give any medication. If you take proper step against food poisoning then definitely it will not take much time for recover.

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