Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

One day I was eating a piece of dark chocolate. Suddenly my mom saw it and told me, don’t eat dark chocolate, it’s not good for health. I was depressed to hear that because dark chocolate is one of my favorite chocolate. I can’t think a day without dark chocolate. But I have to convince my mom about the health benefits of dark chocolate because she has a wrong idea about dark chocolate.

So this article is for my mom and those people who think dark chocolate is not good for health. It’s very difficult to convince my mom so I have to find out some strong reason why I called dark is good for health. At last I found some strong health benefits of dark chocolate. Now I am going to share my knowledge about health benefits of dark chocolate.

1. Decrease the chance of heart disease:

Dark chocolate is rich in flavinoids. This flavinoid is good for heart. It can stimulate the inner coat of blood vessel and relax the artery. So blood is flowing very smooth. It also helps to decrease LDL level. LDL cholesterol is not good for health and it causes narrowing of artery. Thus increase blood pressure. You already know that, hypertension is the main cause behind any kinds of heart disease. Dark chocolate helps to control this blood pressure and protect your heart from many diseases.

2. Dark chocolate is a hair expert:

Dark chocolate acts like a hair care expert. Some minerals like zinc iron and copper deficiency causes hair fall. Dark chocolate contains that minerals and helps to promote hair growth. You can also produce a homemade hair mask by dark chocolate. Simply mix yogurt and honey with dark chocolate. Now gently apply this mixture to your hair. Leave this mixture about 30 minutes and covered by a plastic wrap. After 30 minutes later, wash the hair with cold water

3. Act as a skin guard:

Dark chocolate is also good for skin. The substance called flavonoid which found in dark chocolate can give you a healthy skin. Because flavinoid absorbs UV ray which is extremely harmful for your skin. So you can relief from sunburn, skin dehydration or redness. It also increases blood supply to the skin. Many research shows that, dark chocolate can give you a good skin complexion too.

4. Dark chocolate is a power full anti-oxidant:

Dark chocolate contains antioxidant like polyphenol, cathechin, flavanols etc. They have strong antioxidant properties. After oxidation of food, certain free radical produces. This free radicals damage the tissue. Dark chocolate prevent the formation of that free radicals.

5. Helps in maintaining normal blood glucose level:

Dark chocolate doesn’t increase the blood glucose level rapidly because Dark chocolate have a low glycemic index. It also helps in type 2 diabetic patient by decreasing insulin resistance of the cell. Also it can increase the insulin sensitivity of the cells thus helps to control blood glucose level.

6. Helps to increase strength your tooth:

Dark chocolate can make your enamel more strong because it contains theobromine. Theobromine is also useful to suppress the cough. But you should maintain the proper hygiene of your teeth otherwise it may cause cavities. It’s better to brush your teeth after eating dark chocolate.

7. Decrease the chance of stroke:

Dark chocolate contains potassium and copper which is a useful mineral for body. They have many functions but an important function is, they decrease the chance of stroke.

8. Give you a happy mood:

You may surprise by hearing that dark chocolate can improve your mood. But it’s not wrong, dark chocolate can increase the release of endorphin from brain. Dark chocolate do this by the help of phenyl ethylamine which it contains. Endorphins are a chemical substance, when its release from brain, we feel happy.

9. Dark chocolate is an anti- depressing agent:

Dark chocolate is useful when you are in depression because it’s an anti- depressing agent. It contains serotonin which can help you to overcome depression.

10. Dark chocolate can increase your working capacity:

Dark chocolate contains small amount of caffeine. But this caffeine can refresh your body and increase your working capacity.

I think, now you have a solid idea about health benefits of dark chocolate. But I have a suggestion for you. Excess is not good for health so don’t take dark chocolate more than 3 times in a week. Then surely you will get only health benefits of dark chocolate.


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