How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

The look of your face mostly depends on your hair quality and quantity. There is much of a saying in one of the Asian Country “The youth rejuvenates on your hair life.” It can be understood by just this aphorism that your look is reliant upon your hair.In that case for the people whom are suffering from bald situation there is just one solution and it’s the Hair plantation. Hair transplant is the procedure which will boost up your confidence level in a great approach. Obviously, you need to consult with your doctor about the costing and after affects of the surgery. Continue reading to know how much does hair transplant cost.

Little knowledge about hair transplant:

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant is the procedure of eternally growing hair in the roots which are bald by taking some hair from other areas of your head. Most of the surgeon usually follows the same procedure of implantation of hair. They usually take a stripe of hair or sometimes take individual roots of hair to implant. The graft actually depends on how much area you are trying to cover and how much do you wanted to swathe up. Each graft will be placed in an individual area where there is thinning areas. This procedure will take more than 5 hours depending on how much area you are covering and for what amount.

Concerning matter of the cost:

The most common thing a man or woman of bald hair thinks what would be the cost of hair plantation. Sometimes people don’t continue after thinking about the cost and the after affects of the surgery. As sometimes it is not effective for some people.

Mainly the costing depends on per graft. Usually one person needed to do at least 800 grafts. Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit Extraction cost like per graft where each graft contains 3-4 follicles. Different institution charges different depending on the amount of hair you wanted to implant. It usually ranges from $4000 to $16000.

Some renowned surgical center’s costs vary depending on their demand and also on the person’s hair moving quantity or grafts as we said earlier. Below are some surgical center’s costs which can vary depending on your thinning area.

Coloroda surgical center and hair institute:

Firstly, we are talking about this surgical center because of their cost effectiveness behavior. It has free consultation service and also has pricing and financing options. Their costing is very low such as $2 per graft. Yes, you have seen it precise. They are just offering $2 per graft along with the free consultation service and the travel allowance.

Many people got scared of their pricing as people think lower costs cannot determine quality. They have a good customer friendly environment and also good reviews. If you are trying to do 1000 grafts it will cost you $2000 and if you want to do 4000 grafts, it will cost you $8000. It means the more the quantity the more amount will increase.
BOSLEY (The World’s Most Experienced Hair Restoration Expert)

The costing plan is distinct in Bosley. If you are doing a low amount of hair implantation then it will cost you $8-$10 per graft. On the other hand if you are doing a large amount of hair restoration then it will cost you around $5- $6 per graft. The donor hair varies and also the hair classification varies that is why the pricing is not definite.

Bosley counselor will provide free consultation about the pricing plan and the detailed issues after seeing the patient’s habitual situation. Each one’s pricing quota is different from others as it includes what stages of hair restoration you need and the quality of your hair.

After learning about the cost and after effect of surgery the patients who tend to move forward will be given full priority. Some tends to get surprised after seeing the pricing but it’s totally up to you either you want to do your hair restoration for your mental satisfaction or not. If you are looking for a reliable place, you can choose Bosley as they are involved with a large number of experienced hair restoration experts.

Some little tips for consideration:

Sometimes people have hair loss situation due to their genetic history. Firstly, you need to inform your doctor if your forefathers faced the same problem or not. Doctors tend to inspect the full testimony of the patient. It is important because sometimes the hair restoration process doesn’t work as the donor hair follicles are weak enough to be put to other thinning areas.

  1. Sometimes donor hair quality is not good enough to be implanted.
  2. Do your own research at home. Ask people who have gone through the procedure and also ask them to convey their essential tips.
  3. Ask questions to your doctor about the whole process and try to know the people involved in it about their qualification. It is necessary because you are talking about hair and you are spending your 30to 40 years money on this. So you have the right to inspect every little thing.
  4. Go to your nearby surgical center to be informed about the pricing and related issues.
  5. After surgery inflammation is a frequent issue, so don’t get tensed about. You need to have patience as the time of your hair growth will actually occur after 6 to 9 months after your surgery.
  6. Last tip for you will be to take the non-surgical process.