How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones Fast (Tonsiliths)

“Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life.”
[Marilu Henner]
The aforesaid words should be our dictum but unfortunately sometimes it impedes by many unlikely conditions. Tonsil stones are one of that conditions which is unlikely to occur.
Tonsil stones not only come alone but it also invite some other conditions like swelling, sore throat and bad smell breath. But bad breath is one of the most disgusting and embarrassing side effect among all of them. Sometime tonsil stones cause difficulty in deglutition due to huge enlargement. In medical term tonsil stones are known as Tonsilloliths.

What is tonsil stone?

Tonsils are not a single lymphoid tissue. It’s a collection of lymphoid tissue. Its situation is on the crevices of our throat. Kidney and Gall stone may be a common term for you but tonsil stone is quite complex to hear about. When there is a formation of stone on tonsils then it is termed as tonsils stones. Tonsil stones occur to those people who suffer a lot with tonsil swelling and cold allergies. Tonsil stone are usually created from our own eating habit. We can see tonsil stone occurs when the trapped debris are calcifies.

How tonsil stones form:

Oral hygiene should be important for all of us. When we take food, some food particle and sulfur producing bacteria lodge in tonsils. If we don’t maintain appropriate oral hygiene, than this food particles, sulfur producing bacteria and cellular debris forms tonsil stones. Theoretically it means Tonsil works as a net and in the net sometimes deal skin cell, mucus and bacteria get trapped. It eventually forms into debris and which ultimately causes stone.

How to get rid of Tonsil stones:

Tonsil stone is quite complex matter to deal with. One needs to be quite careful and the treatment related to these is not known by all. In this manner, I am going to share some very useful information for getting rid of tonsils stones. My information based on two basic principles.

  1. Home remedies for tonsil stones
  2. Amputation of tonsil stones by medical treatment


Massage tonsil stones by Soft toothbrush:

Use a soft toothbrush to massage. Don’t massage them hardly because it can cause bleeding from tonsil. Simply massage by applying gentle pressure by a soft toothbrush. When the tonsil stones become loosen then drag it out.

Try lemon juice and warm water:

Lemon is one traditional home remedies which is the most preferred item for me.

  • Simply mix 5 table spoon of lemon juice with a pinch of iodized salt
  • Take it in a glass of warm water.
  • Now take the mixture and gargle. Gargle for at least 2-3 minutes. Replicate this method 3-4 times in a day. In point of fact, lemons juice contains ascorbic acid. These ascorbic acid and iodizes salt fight against tonsil stones and helps to unfastened the tonsil stone.

Aloe Vera gel:

Aloe Vera gel acts as a tongue sterilizer. If your tongue remains dirty after consumption of foods then it can be a source of sulfur producing bacteria. You will get benefit if you consume Aloe Vera gel. Not only that, it is very useful in case of bad breath.

Chew some raw garlic:

Health benefits of garlic are above any question. This garlic can be a good home remedy for tonsil stones. Garlic acts as an anti bacterial mediator. You already know that sulfur producing bacteria plays the major role in tonsil stones formation. You need to eat one garlic clove a day to fight against the sulfur producing bacteria. Thus, decrease the chance of tonsils stones formation. This remedy is time consuming but efficient method.

Gargle with extra virgin olive oil:

Extra virgin olive oil can play an important role against tonsils stones because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Take some lukewarm water.
  2. Add with it some extra virgin olive oil.
  3. Gargle for about 2 minutes.
  4. Do it 2-3 times in a day. This method is an effective measure which was followed by my nephew as he had tonsil stones.

Apple cider vinegar:

  1. Apple cider vinegar is one smart choice for you, if you are suffering badly from tonsil stone.
    Mix 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water.
  2. Now gargle with this ACV containing warm water.
  3. Gargle for about 2 minute and then repeat the process thrice a day. It should be better if you alternate the process. As like, one time gargle with extra virgin olive oil and other two time with ACV.

Try salt water gargle:

Salt water gargle is an elderly but very effective remedy to get rid of tonsils stone

  1. Mix a pinch of salt with a cup of warm water.
  2. Gargle with it for about 2 minute. It will also acts like a mouth wash.
  3. Manual removal of tonsils stones by using cotton swab:
  4. If you can endure a little bit of pain then you can easily remove your tonsils stones by yourself.
  5. First sit in front of a large mirror. Your room should be well lighted to see what you are doing.
  6. Now take a cotton swab and apply pressure over the lower edge of the tonsil stones through the cotton swab.

You may also use your finger tip for pressuring. Apply pressure for few seconds, and then let loose for few moments. Follow this procedure until the stones become wobbly. When it becomes loose than drag out the stone.

Finger tip to extricate tonsil stones:

Just as like the toothbrush method you can also use finger tip to dislodge tonsil stone. Sterilize your hand very well so that so sign of bacteria resides in your hand. Gently give pressure to the white or yellow tonsil stone. By massaging it will come of easily. It can be a bit annoying but you will feel prompt relief by doing this.


Mouthwash can be an excellent solution for your oral hygiene. It’s too important to maintain an oral hygiene as tonsil stones cause due to bacteria mostly. Gargle everyday with mouthwash to get rid of tonsil stones. Sometimes it can loosen up stone from the tonsil area.


Use anti biotic:

You already know that, bacteria have a role to form tonsil stones, so anti biotic may be helpful against them. But before taking any antibiotic, consult to your doctor. Sometimes offensive anti-biotic can cause dangerous infection. So, please before

Surgical removal of tonsil stones:

Make sure that your tonsil stones are not big in size. But sometimes tonsil stones can hamper your regular daily routine as it sometimes quite throbbing. If it is big in size along with infection, fever and peritonsilar abscess then you must consult with an ENT specialist immediately. Then, ENT specialist will give you the proper medication or suggest you about surgical removal of tonsil stones. Don’t fear my friend, surgical removal of tonsils stone is a minor surgery. It is also a uncomplicated and risk free surgery.


Sometimes your doctor may attempt tonsillectomy. If your tonsil stones are responsible for chronic tonsillitis, suspicion of malignancy, peritonsilar abscess, Difficulty of deglutition and respiration for huge enlargement then your doctor may suggest you for tonsillectomy. Tonsillectomy is the procedure of removal of tonsils. Sometimes it is prescribed by your physician.

Some important things that you should follow to get rid of tonsils stone:

  1. Maintain proper oral hygiene.
  2.  Brush your teeth before going to bed at night.
  3. Use oxygenating toothpastes for best result.
  4. Use a mouthwash daily especially at night before going to bed.
  5. Don’t take any attempt is there any pus around the stones. Just go to the doctor’s chamber for treatment and take a good advice about what to do.
  6. Don’t use mouth for ventilation because it makes your oral cavity dry. Dry oral cavity has more chance to form tonsil stones.
  7. If possible don’t take foods before going to bed. If you can’t resist yourself from eating then please do gargle.
  8. Don’t take any violent attempt for removal of tonsil stones. As tonsils are highly vascular organ, take proper precaution before eradicating stones. Bleeding can be start due to your violent attempt.

I think now you have a brief idea about tonsil stones and its home remedies. You can easily get rid from it by using these tips which I have mentioned earlier. Just one thinks you should remember, the position of the tonsil is in a very sensitive area. So don’t take any attempt if there any suspicion. My suggest is; first try some natural remedy for tonsil stones. If it works then it’s good for you but if it doesn’t work then consult with your doctor.

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