How to Get Rid Of Blemishes Fast At Home

Skin is the most sensitive part of a person’s body. It is also the largest part of the body as it resides all over it. We have born with an extra-ordinary skin. Day after day that skin gets polluted with various elements. Thus, it tends to result quite unwanted situation of pimple, blackheads, pores like blemishes etc.

Skin represents your whole personality. If our skin is bad looking than we feel very uncomfortable and cannot open up ourselves in front of anyone. It gives us a reprehensible feeling all the time. So, it is vital that we take care of our skin. First we need to recognize what a blemish is.


Whenever we realize that our skin has many troubles it can be called blemishes. It means that if pores, pigmentation, black heads, white heads, acne marks and dark spots prevail in our face skin than it is called blemishes.


•    Cosmetics product.
•    lack of proper skin care;
•    UV ray of the sun;
•    Sensitive skin;
•    Allergic skin;
•    hassle or Stress;
•    over-consumption of alcohol
Now let’s find out the remedies against blemishes which will include both natural and medicated remedies.




My first choice will be ice cube. Ice helps to cut down the redness and inflammation. Whenever you are facing any difficulties promptly take ice cubes and wrap it in a wash cloth. Then rub it in your face. Especially to those places which are affected. After returning home from outside apply the ice cubes.


Try sandalwood powder to get rid of blemishes first. Take 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and then add with it some rose water to make a fine paste. Instead of using rose water you can use milk. Now apply the paste on your face and keep it for about 20-25 minutes. Sandalwood helps to reduce the redness and works as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Grounded rice works as a scrub. It helps to remove black heads and white heads of the skin. Take two tbsp of grounded rice and add with it 1 tsp of honey and some milk. Try to make it as the consistency of a paste. Now apply the paste on your face and scrub gently. This will help to remove black heads and other skin problems. Try this method twice a week.


Baking soda has many anti-bacterial factors. Keep in mind that if you have a sensitive skin then you can avoid baking soda technique. As this can increase your irritation. Take 1 tsp baking powder and make paste out of it by using lukewarm water. Now apply the paste onto the pores and other infections and massage it for 15 minutes. Every night before going to bed try using baking soda. This will reduce down any skin blemishes.


 A tomato has an anti-bacterial agent which helps to reduce down the marks of blemishes. Take a medium sized tomato and cut it in half. Now dab the open side in granulated sugar. Now rub the tomato on your face very gently. Don’t rub it roughly as this will cause harm. Rub gently for about 15 minutes. Then rinse it off with cold water. If it is possible then try to apply tomato daily. This will surely demise any skin blemishes.

 6. HONEY:

Honey is a vital element which helps in many skin related problems. Take some honey and apply it on your face. Leave until it is dry. Then rinse it off with cold water. Try at least one in a week to apply honey. Some people use lemon juice with honey. You can us lemon juice as it is an anti-bacterial product.


Take one glass of milk and mix with it 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder. Now drink the milk and try to drink milk with turmeric each day. It enlightens the body and reduces down the skin pigmentation.


Take 1 tbsp of grounded almond then add 2tbsp of milk. Now make a fine paste. Apply it on your face and keep it for about 20minutes. Then rinse it off. Almond helps to heal any bacterial infection of the skin.


Yogurt is a healthy diet both for eating and for medication. It contains lactic acid which helps to work as an anti-biotic. Take 2-3 tbsp of yogurt and add with it 2tbsp of honey and 1/4 tsp of turmeric. Now blend it nicely and apply as a mask on your face. Keep it for about 25-30 minutes. Yogurt will help to demise down the acne marks or pigmentation. The turmeric will help to enlighten your skin tone naturally.


Easy and great remedy for any kind of skin blemishes are orange peel. Take a piece of orange peel and rub the inside of it over the affected area. You can also apply it all over your face. Let it dry for sometime then rinse it off with cold water. This is a quick and easy procedure to get rid of blemishes fast.

 11. SCRUB:

Choose light scrub to avoid any kind of spots and blackheads and white heads. Rough scrub can harm your skin a lot. This can be taken on daily basis. As your skin need daily care. On our busy day light scrub can be used.


If your skin is having an extreme break out then you must consult with your doctor or dermatologist. Through proper medication you can get rid of blemishes.


Whenever the other medication doesn’t work on your skin your doctor or dermatologist finding no other way inject on the pores or excessive swelling. Hope you will be helped by aforesaid matters. Thanks for considering the writing with greater importance.

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