How to Get Rid Of Blisters Fast

Few months ago, my younger brother bought a new pair of shoes because he had to go to a party. After coming back from the party, he just felt something wrong in his foot. He came to me and I saw there is a little fluid containing bag on his toe. As I am a medical student so I recognized it rapidly. It was a blister and I managed that very easily because I had previous experience of managing blister.

In blister season, you are comfortable in wearing sandals which are open in the rough environment. A foot with blisters doesn’t look good at all. You can possibly think of a way to lessen down blisters at home and obviously there’s remedies and preventive measure for blisters. As I know the struggle of my brother and I treated it myself then you can go after my methods to get rid of this problem.

How to get rid of blisters:


When there is a blister already present,think before pop and drain:

Our body has its own mechanism of healing and repair. So you should give a chance to body. So if possible don’t pop it, but when blister is on weight bearing surface or if it may arise problem while you are walking or there is a chance of pop the blister accidentally then it is necessary to pop the blister manually.

Steps of pop:

If pop method is important then try to do it in a proper way. First you should take a sterilized needle or a sharp pointed pin. If you do not found a sterile needle or pin then you can make them sterile very easily. Simply pass the needle through a flame for few times. After that, wash it with rubbing alcohol.

  • First wash the area by warm water. Now use the pin by the side of your blister.
  • Gently make a small hole and allow the liquid to drain out.
  • Now disinfect the area by using Povidone iodine.
  • After that, gently apply an antibacterial ointment or cream over the blister.
  • One thing that needed your attention is that you need to use clean band-aid or gauze after popping blisters.
  • Keep in mind don’t ever peel of the loose skin after pop out. If you do so, then there’s a chance the area will again get infected and will cause more trouble.

What should you do after popping out? Or what are the Home Remedies?

  1. Apply apple cider vinegar:

health benefits of apple cider vinegar

You may know that how important apple cider vinegar is. It can heal your blister quickly. It has both anti fungal and antibacterial properties. Simply mix ACV with castor oil and apply the mixture over blister. Use ACV at least twice in a day. Instead of castor oil you can also use rose water.

  1. Use a gauze band aid:


When you have to go outside, and then use a gauze band aid to cover the area where blister present. Use a soft gauze band aid but don’t cover it tightly or else it will create more dilemma. If you are that person who doesn’t want to go outside with gauze, you can simply use band-aid which is locally found in any stores. Make sure you are using clean and safe gauze.

  1. Wash your hand and foot frequently:


There is a chance of bacterial infection from your hand or foot. So wash them frequently by antiseptic hand wash or soap. You can soak your foot in the warm water. Just add some Epsom salt in the Warm water at the time of soaking. This will increase the healing process of blisters and will soften the area from hardness.

  1. Let It Breathe:

When you are in home, remove the band aid and keep the blister in open air. The more light and air you are giving to the blister, the more it will heal fast.

  1. Use Aloe Vera:

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Aloe Vera is a natural remedy for blister. It is well known to all. You can apply aloe Vera gel over the blister. It will help healing process and increase the regeneration of new cells. Aloe Vera gel works as the soothing agent and will soften the blister area.

  1. Use of Turmeric:


At ancient time people used turmeric to heal any infection or diseases. Take one teaspoon of turmeric and add with it some rose water or milk to make a paste. Now apply the solution over the blisters. Turmeric helps to lessen the infection and also help against any types of skin problem.

  1. Use Baking Soda:


You can use baking soda if you are facing the problem sunburn blisters. Take a tea spoon of baking soda and mix it with water and a bit of honey then apply it on the blisters and let it stay overnight. Next morning you will obviously see the drastic change on the affected area.

Prevention is better than cure:

When there is no blister, there is no need to treat blister. So you should take preventative measure by which you can free from blister formation. Take some preventative steps which will help you a lot.

1.Choose suitable footwear:

You already know that blister developed when there is a friction between your soft skins with hard object like new pair of footwear or when you are doing figure skating or spent time in the gym. So buy footwear which is not so loose or not so tight. Try to choose soft footwear and avoid hard footwear as much as possible.

2.Use Zinc oxide tape:

When you use a new pair of shoes for the first time than use a piece of zinc oxide tape where there is a chance of friction between your skin and shoes. You may also use petroleum jelly because it has the ability to reduce friction. But for me, blistering tape (zinc oxide tape) is better than petroleum jelly.

3.Don’t use new footwear for long distance walk:

When you want to go to a long distance or want a hill climb, never use new shoes. Try to select your old pair of shoes.

4.Never use new shoes for running:

There is more chance to develop a blister when you use a new pair of shoes for running. So never do that.

5.Use proper gloves in gymnasium:

Use suitable gloves in gym. Use soft and comfortable gloves during your workout.

6.Change your running footwear after every 6 months:

Don’t use you footwear more than 6 month. This time limitation is only for running shoes.

7.Make your foot dry before wearing shoes:

The chance of blister formation will be increase if you wear shoes when your foot or socks is wet .You can use some powder which can easily make your foot dry. You can found them from your near departmental store.

8.Use double layered socks:

You can use double layered socks because it has the ability to reduce the friction. But it has a side effect; it will increase the temperature of your foot. So it’s best when you use it in winter season.

I think now you have a proper idea about how you can treat blister or make you safe from the blister. If you have any kind of query about blister or have any objection on our tips than please feel free to contact with us. Thanks for supporting us.

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