How to get rid of newborn baby hiccups

Hiccups are a very common thing for a newborn baby. It can occur anytime to a newborn. Actually every newborn face hiccups. When hiccups start, many people especially the parents get worried. But there is nothing but a simple thing. Hiccups go without medication. But sometimes you can take some steps against hiccups which can minimize the duration of hiccups. In this article I am going to share about that tips for our honorable visitors.

What causes hiccups?

First of all we have to know the cause behind the hiccups. If you know the cause then it will be easy to manage it. There is a partition between the thorax and abdomen. This partition is known as diaphragm. When this diaphragm irritates due to any cause then baby start hiccups. So when this diaphragm is relaxed again then hiccups stop.

Factors that aggregate Newborn hiccups:

There are some factors which can cause newborn hiccups. If you avoid that thing then the chance will minimum for hiccups producing. Feeding a long period of time in laying position may irritate the diaphragm. Sometimes stomach upset also produces hiccups. Make sure that you will give foods properly to your baby. Don’t make her too much hungry. It can cause hiccups. Temperature is a cause behind the hiccups. Sudden temperature change can trigger the hiccups. So keep the newborn baby in warm environment.

How to get rid of newborn baby hiccups:


Though hiccups go away automatically but you can follow some quick methods that can quickly Relief your newborn baby from hiccup.

Simply nurses your baby:

This method is a worldwide applicable and very effective method. When hiccups start give small amount of breast milk. Breast milk comes out very slowly so the diaphragm get the time for relaxation.

Hold your baby upright in position:

You can easily try this method. After feeding or when hiccups happen hold your baby upright position for few minutes.

Distract the attention of your baby:

Try to distract your baby’s attention from hiccups. You can give toy for playing or start to sing a song. It will break the concentration on hiccups and helps to get rid of hiccups.

Try a gentle back rub:

This method may take few minutes fir staring. Gently give a back rub to your baby. This back rub will make the muscle relax and allow the diaphragm to relax.

Give something to your baby for sucking:

You can give Nipple of the feeder for sucking. This can minimize the duration of hiccups.

Place small amount of sugar under the tongue:

Actually some doctors are against this method. But I found it helpful. I got this method from my grandmother. She placed very small amount of sugar under the tongue of the baby and motivate the baby to swallow. When the baby starts swallowing then magically hiccups gone. It may be due to the relaxation of the diaphragm.

Visit The Pediatrician chamber:

Though Hiccups is a natural thing and which occur almost every baby but when hiccups persist for a day then you should visit a doctor’s chamber. Actually this is for extra satisfaction because newborn baby is the most valuable thing for his parents. But if hiccups persist along with severe coughing, vomiting or spitting up then visit the doctor’s chamber immediately.

Some method that never ever try:

There are some false believe about baby hiccups. Many people start pressing down the baby’s fontanels, eyeball or starling the baby. Those are worst method so never try that.
I am telling you again that, newborn hiccups are a very common thing. So don’t be panic. For your satisfaction, you can follow the steps which I have described earlier. Thanks for considering us.

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