How to get rid of ringworm fast

We, general people, certainly know about many skin infections and how they look like. We have some common agenda which we face a lot. In such agenda, there also comprise ringworm types of hitch. In USA, greatest amount of people experiences ringworm. Sometimes people give less concern on their health issues. That’s why they are experiencing many a more diseases which can be avoided easily. Suppose, if a person is facing ringworm but he or she will certainly try to know a little about the ringworm and thus the situation worsens with time.



The name ringworm derived from the actual look of the disease. The ringworm is caused by several categories of fungi. This fungus lives on humans and pet’s outer layer of the skin. Around the circle you may notice small red rashes and some swallow area and it is the familiar symptom for ringworm and is extremely transmittable. It mostly resides on a soggy or wet place. In human, it is seen on the moist places of the body but you may observe those in any places of the body including face.


The main culprit fungi can be transmitted easily and thus, can endure long enough. There are several causes of ringworm depending on the types and atmosphere of the sufferer.

  • Direct contact with the different types of fungus is the first causes of ringworm.
  • A person having ringworm can easily spread it to other person. If the 2nd person is using any of the following items of the affected person:
    • Towels; (especially children uses random towels. Not only children sometimes the adults are too tired to use their own)
    • Brushes;
    • Nail cutter;
    • Socks;
    • Combs;
    • Cloth;
  • You can also be affected by ringworm if your pet is having any ringworm fungus.
  • Athletes or players are sometimes exaggerated by ringworm because they spent on the time on ground or water which can be affected by ringworm infection.
  • You can be affected by ringworm if your immune system is too fragile.
  • If you had a medical history about having any types of infection before.
  • Diabetes person are more likely to affect with this fungal infection.


Eventually the ringworm looks like a red ring which is infectious and itchy. There can be only one patch or can be several patches, anywhere in the body.

  1. The main symptom is the red rashes which is visible on your whole body. Sometimes the red rashes can spread in massive number. You can also discover pus in the rashes.
  2. If you are having scalp ringworm, there will be prickly complexion. This causes hair loss. It can be acute in some cases.
  3. Sometimes white colored flakes are noticed on your scalp and will also observe yellow pus and swollen area.
  4. Athlete’s foot is other types of ringworm. You will perceive dry, red and blistering rashes in between your toes. You will feel irritation and extreme itchiness on your foot.
  5. Chubbiness, excessive exercise, tight clothing etc can increase the exasperation of the ringworm.
  6. Tinea unguium causes the finger and toe nails to become stiff and yellowish.


Ringworm can be diminished in two ways. If your ringworm is less dangerous or harmful you can go for home remedies for better solution but if the situation worsens you can



It may seem like you are not familiar with this stuff. You can buy stem of esculent root from any vegetable market. Even if, in your area, you can’t find this than ask a farmer about how you can get one of this. It is an effective method which my grand ma taught me.

  1. Firstly, take the stem of esculent root; squeeze the liquid translucent substance from it.
  2. Then apply the liquid onto the ringworm affected area.
  3. After a short time, you will notice that it’s itching a lot. If it is itching, it means it is working.
  4. After 10 minutes apply some lime juice onto the liquid of stem liquid. You will perceive a quick result out of it.
  5. Apply this method for about 7 days constantly, once a day. Then use it 3 times a week.

It is a common substance which is used in many other skin related issues. Take 5 tbsp of tea tree oil and add equal amount of water. Then with a cotton ball soak some oil in it and then pat it onto your skin. Remember, pat it not sweep it or drag the cotton ball over the whole place. You have to pat it because if you rub it then the fungal infection can move through the whole place. Apply tea tree oil mixture 3 times a day. This will work without doubt to reduce down the inflammation. If you are dealing with scalp ringworm then use tea tree shampoo, along with the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is paramount for antifungal and works as one of the best antiseptic element.


This is one of my most darling home remedies. I have used Aloe Vera for many purposes and it never let me down. Cut one medium sized Aloe Vera into half paralleled way. Then pat it over the affected areas where you are having ringworm and keep it for more than 10 minutes. The soothing effect will ease your exasperation. Apply Aloe Vera until your ringworm goes away.


Salt and vinegar set out very well. Take some vinegar and add with some bath salt. You can switch the vinegar with apple cider vinegar. Now, take a cotton ball and soak it in the vinegar solution. Dab the cotton ball on the contaminated areas. It will itch a bit but will surely demise the ringworm.


I heard it from one of my friend. Take some seeds of papaya and crush it down. Then, apply the seeds onto the infected areas. You can also add some vinegar with the crushed seeds. Moreover it is not important. Apply this method twice a day. It will definitely help to fade out the ringworm.
People use many more other techniques to fade away ringworm. It is weird but some teenagers use nail polish remover onto the ringworm. Surprisingly it worked. You can give it a try. Some people uses garlic, turmeric or grape fruit extract.


Garlic extract contains the properties of healing and it is quite famous for its anti fungal properties. Slice some garlic clove and place the slices over the infection. It will tingle but will fade away with time. Garlic extract works best for scalp ringworm. Use garlic slices twice a day. Don’t use it always because it can burn down the skin where there’s no infection.

Treat ringworm by using over the counter drug:

There are many drugs available in market which can play an effective role against ringworm. Those drugs are extremely safely so that you can use it without consulting your doctor. The therapeutic index of those drugs is so high so the pharmacist has the license to sell it without prescription. Let’s have a look at the over the counter medicine which can increase the healing process.

Use Clotrimazole containing cream:

Clotrimazole containing cream is very effective against ringworm. It is available in your near drug house. This cream decreases the itching, redness and pain. You should use it full course. If you use this cream then within 2 weeks your ringworm will gone but you should continue this cream for extra 2 weeks so that fungus can’t comeback again. I can suggest you a cream containing Clotrimazole named as Lotrimin AF Ringworm Cream.

Try cream containing Miconazole:

You can use tropical miconazole containing cream. There are many companies which are producing miconazole containing cream. Use this cream twice in a day. Make sure that you using it at same times each day. Cover the affected area by the cream and wash your hand properly after completing that. I suggest you not to cover the affected area. Definitely you will get a good result by using it.

When you need to consult a Doctor:

Actually fungal infection goes away after a few days later. But if your infection persists for a long time and attack another site then it’s better to consult a Dermatologist. Your doctor may give you an anti-fungal tablet or pill along with anti-fungal cream.

Prevention is better:

I have mentioned my entire article that prevention is better than cure. So prevent fungal infection like ringworm by following some easy steps.

  1. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry. Give extra attention on your skin fold because these are more chance to effect by fungus.
  2. Use clean socks and underwire. Don’t share your under garments and towel to another.
  3. Try to avoid tight fit dress. It will not only make you free from ringworm but also give you a good comfort.
  4. Take a shower after a skin to skin contact with someone else.
  5. Advice your family member to wash their hands frequently.
  6. If is there any ringworm effected person in your hone then give him separate towel, clothes and bed sheet.
  7. Wash your bed sheet regularly and use clean pillow cover.
  8. Boost your immune system by taking healthy foods and vitamins. It will give extra strength to your body to fight against fungal infection.

I thing now you have brief idea about ringworm. Don’t worry; just follow our instructions which we have mentioned earlier. Thanks for considering.


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