How to Get Rid Of Scabies Fast At Home

A very common contagious disease which can give you lot of pain. And this disease is called Scabies.

Scabies is an infectious disease which is caused by itch mites mainly Female sarcoptes scabiei hominis. You will found papulo-vesicular eruption on your specific site of the body if you are attacked by itch mite. Lesion is very common in scabies.

Some common sites for scabies:

1. Mainly Finger Webs and Wrist is common site for lesion. Attacking chance of this area is 63%

2. Second common site for lesion is Extensor aspect of elbow. Here the chance is 11%.

3. Scabies can produce lesion some another site and that’s Axilla, Thigh, Genitals and abdomen. Sometimes it can occurs throughout the whole body except palms, soles and face in case of adult but in case of children palms, soles and face may also involved.

Home remedies for Scabies:

May be you are scared as a sufferer of scabies. But no need to worry. It cans easily treatable and also you can easily controlled scabies by following some easy home remedies. Home remedies for scabies is an almost natural treatment and controlling procedure.

1.Use tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is the best Home remedies for get rid of scabies. It is a natural healer which has both anti-septic and anti-parasitic properties. Tea tree oil is mostly recommended by the doctors if you want to use natural product. It’s a worldwide using home remedies. You have to apply tea tree oil directly over the area which is affected.

2.Try Neem bath:

Neem is a very useful home remedies. It cans relief you quickly from scabies. You can use both neem extract and neem oil. Apply neem oil over the skin daily. You can use neem extract by mixing it with warm water and take a bath at least 3 times in a week.

3.Use turmeric powder:

Another natural home remedies is using turmeric powder. It can prevent spreading of scabies and a great ability to healing scabies. Firstly you have to make a paste by using neem extract and turmeric powder. Then mix this paste with warm water. Take a bath at least twice in a week by using this paste.

4.Take some selective foods:

Avoid junk food totally. Take at least 2 liters of water in a day. Take vitamin containing food. Take fresh lime juice and protein rich foods. Avoid oily foods and take green leafy vegetables.

5.Try some non prescription drug:

You can use some commonly using drug for the treatments of scabies. You can try corticosteroid containing cream. You can easily collect that product from yours near drug house. You can also use sulpur ointment in Vaseline or Cortamition 110% cream or lotion.

6.Prevention is better than cure:

1. Firstly sanitation control:

Improve your personal hygiene. And take a bath regularly and use a good soap. You should have a warm water bath.

2. Isolation of patient:

patient should be isolate from their working place and affected children should be excluded from the school until the day after treatment.

3. Avoid close contact with infected person:

Scabies is usually transmitted by close contact so be careful about that. Don’t share same bed for sleeping or used contaminated clothes.

My suggestion for you, firstly try to control scabies by following home remedies. If it’s not working in severe case then go to your physician. But treat scabies well otherwise there may arise some other complication like eczema, secondary infection, Urticaria etc.



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