How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Suppose, you are in front of the mirror and thinking that you are looking dull or lackluster and soon after that you realized, your eyes are looking dull that’s why your whole face is looking so much clumsy.
Eye is the most integral part of our body. A saying is that, Eyes represents your whole expression or your thoughts. That’s why it is important to make your eyes look bigger, bold and sheen. Today I am here to rescue you from that clumsy and lackluster look. If you want to makes your eyes to pop then check out the following techniques.



First in my list is that conceal your eyes. Due to our daily course of work we tend to have lots of dark circle. Dark circles make our eyes look even smaller. To let our eyes to pop up we need to conceal the lousy dirk circles. Use concealer around your eyes to make it look even bigger than your actual eye size. It will give you a cleaner look. Use a lighter shade concealer than your normal skin tone. If you have dry or combinations skin than use a moisturizing foundation. You can also use matte foundation in daytime. For oily skin holder you should definitely use a matte foundation or else your eye are will look oily and also gloomy.


Second in my list is the use of white liner. To make your eyes look bigger use white liner in your lower water line. This will give definition to your eyes and will make eyes brighter and bigger. To do even more dramatic look use champagne hue color in your waterline. It will give your eyes some depth.


Use white eye shadow. Don’t use it to all over your lid, just use some in the inner corner of your eyes. By doing so, your eyes will look even more vivid.


This is my favorite part. Curl your lashes. This will make your eyes to widen up more. Your eyes will look bigger if you curl your lashes. Don’t use too much pressure on your lashes as this can loosen up your natural lashes.


It is obvious that after curling your lashes you need to use mascara. Mascara will make your eyes look even more dramatic and bold. Apply first coat of mascara on your upper lash line. If you are a beginner then use a business card over your top lid to prevent mascara from sticking to your upper lid. Try to use mascara which is clear, it means use clump free mascara. If any clumps forms in your lashes than don’t be upset, use a clean toothbrush to remove the clumps. Use mascara on your lower lash line.


Sometimes the use of false lashes can make your eyes look bigger. Keep in your mind that uses simple, less dense false lashes. If you use dense lashes it can make your look a bit bias and also smaller.


I love to use blue shades on my eyes. This is the coolest lustrous color for me. The color which is in hue can make your eyes look brighter. Use blue eye shadow in your lid, try to use light blue shade. This will make eyes look bigger and bold. You can also use blue eyeliner to your lid as this will help to open up your eyes.


Eyebrows give a bright appearance on your face. Always make sure that your eyebrows are trimmed. This will help to make your eyes to pop out nicely.


Add shimmery color to your eye lid. Eye lid is the most prominent part which covers most of the eye. Try to choose a shade lighter than your skin tone. This will make your eyes look bigger and the shimmery effect will give you some depth to it.


This tips is more important. Some people are afraid of using darker eye shadow on their eyes. You would be shocked to hear that you are completely wrong. Use darker shades on the outer corner of your eyes. Take a stiff angled brush and press to the outer corner some dark brown, deep blue or any other deeper color. You can also use black. This will open up your eyes even more.


Try to use a complementary liner shape which suits your face and will make your eyes look bigger as well. For this you need to keep experimenting which shape suits you the best.


You are probably known with the term ombre. It means to apply shade step by step from lighter to deeper. Your task is to make it bigger than they are. Use a lighter shade in your lid as a base than add a deeper shade and finally add a deep familiar shade in your crease. To define your crease is the most important work. Remember to use lighter shade in your eye lid.


  1. Whenever you are applying liner to your lower lash line, apply half of the lower lash line. This will make your eyes look bigger.
  2. If you are not willing to follow all the instructions, than just do one thing. Use a deep colored lipstick. All your attention would be on your lips. This will cover up the smaller eyes of yours. Try red, berry color or deep magenta, or deep chili red.
  3. Crease is the one part of your eyes gives definition. So try to cover up the shade to your crease. Use a deep color shade to make it larger. Avoid using deep color to your eyelid.
  4. Try experiment with different colors. Use the hue colors on your eyes to make it pop up.
  5. By experimenting with different shades of color, liner will make you more professional in this category.
  6. Don’t use more than one false lash. This will make your eye a bit dull.


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