Is Honey Good For You or Bad?

 Honey is nothing but a sweet liquid which is tasty to eat and use in making various foods. Honey made by nectar from flower. All over the world day by day increase demand of honey. But now a very important question arises and that is, is honey good for health or not?

When question is about health related then you can figure out the answer simply by focus on some important function of honey .Health is the state of complete physical and mental satisfaction and nutrition is the science of food and its relationship to health. So health and nutrition is related each others.

Our topic is, Is Honey good for health or not? And the answer is complicated because sometimes Honey is good for health but in certain condition it’s bad for health. In this article we will focus on the function of honey on our body. Then you will take the decision either honey is good for health or not?

Composition of Honey:

Sugar 80%, Water 18%, various antioxidant, Trace amount of vitamins and minerals.

Honey is good for health:

1. Gives energy:

An ideal criterion of food is giving adequate energy. In this aspect honey can satisfy you because it gives 304kcal energy per 100gm. So consuming honey can gives you lot of energy.

2. Serves you antioxidant:

Honey contains various antioxidants. Antioxidants are those substances which prevent oxidation in tissue. Oxidation produces free radical like super oxide, Hydrogen per oxide etc. Free radical damage cell so honey plays helpful role for health by preventing oxidation of cells.

3. Helps in weight loss:

When honey is consumed by mixing with warm water then it will helps in weight loss by increasing digestion of fat which is store in body. So can take honey as a weight loose agent.

4. Helps in reducing blood cholesterol level:

Honey lowered LDL cholesterol and triglyceride. LDL deposit cholesterol on blood vessel wall and narrow the lumen thus increase blood pressure. High blood pressure is very bad for our health and increase the chance of various cardiac diseases. So honey is good for this beneficial role.

5. Decrease chance of Atherosclerosis:

Honey increase HDL level of blood. HDL is good for health. Which decrease blood cholesterol level as well as decrease the chance of high blood pressure.

6. Useful in topical use:

Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. So it’s useful in certain bacterial and fungal infection.

Harmful function of Honey:
1. Increase Blood sugar level:

In diabetic patient it is very dangerous because honey contains more the 80% is sugar. It’s also increase rapid blood glucose level.

2. Decrease inflammation marker:

Honey reduces C reactive protein. C-reactive protein is an important marker for inflammation. So sometimes it gives false result during inflammation. It also reduces Homocysteine which is a important disease marker.

3. Harmful for children less the 1 year:

Botulism is a food poisoning which is caused by clostridium blotulinum. Sometimes these bacteria proliferate in honey. And children less than 1 year are not resistant on this strain.

True reveled:

It’s not easy to give a conclusion about Honey. Sometimes honey can serves you lot for beneficial effect and sometimes not. Actually it’s depending on use and certain circumstance. My suggestion is for you Honey is a gift of nature, if you can use it properly then honey can give you a good health. But make sure that, you are not using honey in disease condition without consulting your Doctor. Have a good day and thanks for reading………….


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