Foods That Cause Constipation

When we eat tasty foods and other mouth watering items, we forget about the outcomes of those foods. If we maintain a regular routine of food habit than our outcomes come out with perfection, that’s not totally true. It’s quite impossible for anyone to maintain a circular routine as uncertainties happen a lot.

One such uncertainty can be denoted as constipation. It makes a person’s daily activities horrible and distressful. From children to aged people everyone suffers from this horrifying problem. A bad indigestion problem can lead to constipation and it can happen through various reasons. Constipation becomes dreadful when it is not treated properly. Maximum people don’t think before eating that what are they eating? Is it compatible for the belly to take huge amount of load which causes constipation? We eat as like this is the end of the world. Sometimes food can be a cause of constipation.




First in my list are the products which are high in protein. Protein is needed for our body but if it exceeds the limit than it can cause constipation. Specially red meat is the main reason for constipation and also packed with lot of protein. Meaty products are delicious to eat but it can cause you a bad indigestion trouble. If you are facing constipation then try to avoid meat products as much as possible.


Talking about dairy items first thing that comes in our mind is milk. There is a misunderstanding among people that if you are facing constipation, you can have milk to smoothen your digestion system. Today’s case gives a different concept. Milk proteins contain high amount of fat and very little amount of fiber thus leads to blockade the intestine. It worsens the condition of a constipation person to a greater amount. If you are leading a hard time due to constipation, avoid the following items

  1. Milk
  2. Whole milk
  3. Buttermilk
  4. Butter
  5. Cheese
  6. Cream

Any food items made out of these aforesaid dairy products are also bad for constipation. Fat is needed in our body but if you are going through bad indigestion problem, it’s better to avoid dairy items for few days.


In USA, banana is one of the favorite fruit among all. Not only in USA, have people all over the world liked this fruit as it is convenient in nature. Let me inform you that banana is also faulty because it’s bad in case of constipation. Banana has a binding agent for which is why doctors suggest eating banana when you are having diarrhea and dysentery. Many people like to eat banana cake. Constipation related persons should exclude that too.


Fast food is also another culprit which is behind the constipation problem. It contains fat and contains low fiber. In recent survey it is being watched that about majority of the people are going through obesity and the reason behind this is fast food. Constipation can be caused because of this as fast food takes time to digest. One should avoid taking fast food when he or she is having constipation. If you really can’t resist for a long time, better that you consume in low amount. For me, it would be better if you lessen the items in your daily routine of food.

i. Burger
ii. Hamburger
iii. Pizza
iv. Soft drinks
v. Pop-corn
vi. French fries or any types of fries.


Every one of us knows that water is substantially called life. It can really be compared as a life saving element. Water clears or washes all toxins from our body. It also improves the digestive criteria of our body. The more you will drink water the less you constipation problem will be. It also boosts our immune system. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. It will ease your bowl movement to a greater extent.


Sugary stuff is also another reason for constipation as this is high in fat and also low in fiber. We can’t resist if we see any sweet stuff. Our mouth says it’s tasty but we never think that this mouth watering stuff is sometimes bad for our belly.

i. Cake
ii. Cookies
iii. Chocolate
iv. Candy
v. Crackers
vi. Other sweet item.

All these aforesaid sweet items can also be a reason for constipation. Please exclude these items as you wanted to get rid of horrified constipation problem.


In America people are always busy in their daily chores. They didn’t get much time to eat fresh homemade food. So, many people are dependent on processed foods which are low in fiber. Manufacturers take out all the protein and fiber from the foods which are to be processed. Processed food is another reason y most American people suffer from constipation. Try to exclude processed food. It may be helping you in case you are busy but it is doing harm to your body.


Actually I have seen many people who don’t like to have vegetables and fruits which are high in fiber. One of my colleagues hates to eat vegetables and fruits. She shared with me that she was having a bad constipation problem by saying that she didn’t know why this was happening to her as she maintained a healthy balanced food habit.

So, the conclusion of this little story is that even if you don’t like vegetables you have to eat it a lot. High fiber related vegetables and fruits help to smooth our intestine for better bowel movement.
Constipation problem can lead to many other problems. Try to take proper care of your health by eating fiber foods and drinking lots and lots of water. These two items will give you much benefit. Whenever your tummy is happy you will also be happy. Thanks for your consideration regarding this article and hope you will be benefited by this.

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