Is Sushi Fattening,or Not?

Now-a-days Sushi has become a popular dish among each and every individual. First it was popular among the Japanese. But now Americans are addicted for this food item.

Is Sushi Fattening,or Not?

Sushi is a kind of rolled food which includes rice, fish, vegetables, seaweed and many more mouth watering ingredients. The answer you are looking for is Sushi is fattening or not. Every scholar viewed it in different way. Some says it is bad and it is a damn fattening item. But for me everything has an exact manner. Sushi is not fattening if you are taking a smart proportion of it. And if you are a weight conscious person then you must look after those ingredients which are being put in your sushi.

Sushi is not fattening if you choose the right ingredients in your menu. When you are at restaurant try to see what they are serving you and what ingredients they are putting in your sushi.

Most people think that white rice is the main culprit to gain weight. For me it’s not. When your white rice contains sugar then it is a matter of fattening for you.

Most American people consume the rich ingredients on their sushi menu such as white rice with sugar, crab meat, avocado, cucumber and the most fatty ingredient mayonnaise. If you follow this rule of ingredients I bet you that you will gain weight immediately. But you can follow this set of implications which are given below.

1. You can eat sushi which contains a little amount of white rice, any kind of raw fish like Tuna/Salmon/Eel and seaweed.

2. I can suggest you Sashimi. Sashimi is a piece of raw fish which is firm in nature. In Sashimi, the fish must be cut into accurate pieces or else it will be like crap to eat.

3. You can ask for Cucumber instead of white rice. It will be thin in slice. They will roll the other ingredient by wrapping up some slices of Cucumber. For filling you can try on tuna or salmon, some wasabi and ginger. Ginger and wasabi can be your friendly mate. Because these two ingredient will improve your health condition in a huge manner.

Hope you will be helped by 3 of my suggestion. And don’t afraid to have sushi. Enjoy!


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