What Size Bike Do i Need for my Height?

Now a day’s bike is very important in our daily life. We use it for various purposes. We go to school, market through it. We can climb mountain by it. We can tour through it. But if the size of your bike is not appropriate for you then it can give you a lot of trouble. It can cause back pain or sometimes you may fall down from your bike, if the size is not suitable for you. In this article I am going to discuss about this important matter.I will try to answer this question, “What Size Bike Do i Need for my Height?”

What Size Bike Do i Need for my Height?

Firstly you have to decide that what type of bike you needed. You already know that there are mainly 4 types of bikes. And that’s are

  • 1. Road bikes
  • 2. Mountain bikes
  • 3. Hybrid bikes
  • 4. Children bikes.

Size of your bike depends on what type of bike you choose. Because the size of the road bike and size of the mountain bike are not same. But now you can easily calculate the size of your bike.

Inseam method:

Inseam method is very easy to calculate. Simply you have to measure your inseam. It’s an easy process to measure inseam. Firstly stand against a wall. Then take a book and put it between your legs so it will press right up against your pelvic bone. Now make a mark point along the top of the book with a marker on the wall. And finally Measure the distance from the mark point to the floor. Measure it by centimeter scale.

1. For Road bikes:

Appropriate size=Inseam x 0.65

Suppose your inseam is 85cm. Now multiply 85cm by 0.65.The result will be (83 x 0.65) =53.95. So for you, appropriate size will be 53.95 or 54cm read bike.

Note: If the manufactures measure the road bike from center to top then multiply inseam by 0.67.

2. For Mountain bike:

Subtract 10cm from the size of your road bike. Then convert the result into inches. Suppose you are fit for a 54cm road bike. So appropriate size for your mountain bike will be (54 – 10) =44cm.

1inch=2.5cm so 44cm=17.6inches.So you are fit for a 17.6 or 17.5inches mountain bike.

If you feel it’s difficult for you to measure inseam then you can easily follow a chart which is below.

Your Height                                   Height Road bike (Size)   Mountain bike(Size)    Hybrid bike(size)

5’2″ –                                                     43cm                              47cm                                  47cm

5’3” –                                                     50cm                              47cm                                  50cm

5’6” –                                                     54cm                               50cm                                 52cm

5’9” –                                                     56cm                               52cm                                 54cm

5’11” –                                                    58cm                               54cm                                 56cm

6’2” –                                                     60cm                               56cm                                 58cm

6’3″ –                                                     62cm                                58cm                                60cm


3.Child bike: Height & Age size

35-40” (3-5years) 12inces

39-46” (5-6years) 16inces

45-52” (5-9years) 20inces

51-63” (7-12years) 24inces


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