9 Best Home Remedies for Sore Throat

You know what, each year more than 40 million people of all over the world goes to doctors chamber because of sore throat! People spent a lot of money for treatment purpose of sore throat. But for me, it’s nothing but an irritating problem and its remedy is very easy. No one in the world who didn’t faced sore throat in his entire life time.

Actually sore throat is disease of pharynx. When pharynx is attacked by certain virus or bacteria then an inflammatory process begin. The result of inflammation of pharynx is sore throat. In medical term another name of sore throat is Pharyngitis.

Symptom of sore throat:

If you have a sore throat you feel difficulty to talk, Discomfort when swallowing due to swollen tonsils. Sometimes you feel a painful tenderness at the back of your neck. You may also face some common symptom which is associated with sore throat. Fever, tiredness, cough, headache, runny nose, mild breathing discomfort, aching muscle etc. are common in sore throat.

Causes of sore throat:

Sore throat is caused by either virus or bacteria. Usually streptococci bacteria are more responsible for sore throat. Usually bacterial sore throat is long lasting than viral sore throat. Sore throat disappears within several days and its symptom can be treated.

Home remedies for sore throat:

There are many home remedies sore throat but some of them are more useful than rest of others. In this article I will give you those kinds of home remedies that really work and works quickly.

1. Salt water Gargle:

It’s an old but very much effective treatment for relieving pain and swelling from throat. Take half tea spoon of salt and mix it with a glass of mild warm water. Now gargle the warm water and spit out. Try to do it every 2 hour interval. It really works because salt have mild ante septic power and in throat it can draws water out from inflamed tissue. It helps to clear the phlegm.

You can also gargle by mixing one-half teaspoon of baking soda with warm water.

2. Breathe through nose:

Nose is the natural airway passage for body. It humidifies the air before going to the lungs. It also filter micro organism which comes through air. So try to breathe through nose and say bye to smoking. Smoking causes serious irritating for lining epithelium of throat.

3. Well hydrates your body:

Take plenty of water. Take at least 3liters water in a day. You may take warm drinks such as tea, coffee or soup. It will relieve irritating feelings of your throat.

4. Try honey as a Home remedy:

Honey acts against of bacteria so it will accelerate your healing. It’s a hypertonic liquid so it can draw water from inflamed mucus membrane. This will reduce your throat swelling and irritation. Mix honey with warm water and drink it. You may also try a glass of hot lemonade juice mixing with honey.

5. Try a Horehound:

It’s a type of tea which is very helpful in sore throat. It’s easy to make. Simply steep 2 teaspoon chopped herb and mix it with a cup of bowled water for 15 minutes.

6. Boost your immune system by Vitamin C:

Vitamin C will increase function of your body immune system. So take tablet containing vitamin C three times in a day. Also eat vitamin c containing fruits like orange, lemon, Guavas, Papaya, strawberry etc.

7. Try Zinc lozenge:

Zinc lozenge is very useful in viral sore throat. People can get rid of sore throat quicker by sucking zinc containing lozenge. But too much zinc is not good for immune mechanism so don’t take it for a long period of time.

8. Vaporize your bedroom:

It can give you a little bit of comfort by soothing the airway passage. It will decrease your hoarseness of voice. If possible vaporize your bedroom but if you are feeling discomfort to take breath then stop it quickly.

9. Use nasal decongestant drops: You can use it if you can’t take breath easily through nose. It will reduce swelling of mucus membrane of the nose. So you can easily take breath. It’s also useful in runny nose.

10. Maintain personal Hygiene:

Wash your hand with liquid antiseptic soap. Use fresh and clean towel and take a bath regularly. Live a well ventilated room. Use mask when you are going to market or crowed place.

Prevention is better than cure: So maintain a healthy life style. Take Immunization against the flu. Take plenty of water, fresh juice, vitamin riches foods specially fruits containing vitamin C.


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