6 Best Home Remedies for Cramps

Every ladies of different age suffers a lot for cramps. Cramps another name is menstrual cramps. I am also a great sufferer of this problem. Each month for about 3-4 days I have to gone through a severe abdominal pain. This is not only a problem for me also a huge discussion matter for every woman who is suffering through this. Here I am going to give it a try about what causes cramps and its remedies.


Cramps are mainly caused by narrowing in the uterus. A Hormone like substance called Prostaglandin is responsible for menstrual cramp.

I have given a short brief about the cramps. As it is important to discuss about the remedies to get rid of this huge problem which in one word stops our daily activity.



My first suggestion for is to do exercise regularly. Once I was having severe pain in my abdomen. After that our family doctor suggested me to try on exercise. I am a very lazy person and I don’t feel like to exercise every single though I know it’s very important for us. After the suggestion I started walking instead of doing exercise. It’s also works well. Then after that I started doing exercise at home. Just as like free exercises. Exercise increases the release of endorphins. Endorphins are a type of hormone which makes us feel happy. This will decrease your pain quite a lot.


Any kind of hot liquids are best at the time of menstrual cramps. Try to drink some herbal tea if you can. Though I know at the time of pain it is hard to drink anything. My grandma always told me to drink ginger tea. You can also go for green tea because it’s also effective.


Fill a water bag with very hot water. And then place it on your abdomen. Actually the warmth from the water will soothe the muscles. It diverts your abdomen pain for some while in easy word. This makes the menstrual process less throbbing. I have to use this bag each and every time.


Yoga is the most effective types of home remedies for cramps. As like exercise try to make some time for your yoga classes. You can omit exercise if you are doing yoga sessions.


We don’t know the exact reason of menstrual cramps. Taking a good diet plan can provide some real solutions. Teenagers suffer a lot because they do a lot of diet control. When I was a teenage girl I laid myself on the verge of pain. When I grew up and learned that implementing a proper diet plan with organic food may let the cramps gone away. By taking a proper diet plan filled with nutrient foods lightens the periods and now I have less PMS. But still there are some other issues. Some people do not have a good digestive issue. People who have allergies in food may need to be more careful. They can’t get rid the cramp problem that easily because they have a complex hormonal problems. You should take Magnesium and calcium based food to get rid of cramps. Or else you can have a good amount of fats. And my especial words for you that you must not take any caffeine based food or processed food at the time of menstrual period.


Honey is an effective tool to be used in many health issue matter. Take a piece of ginger and dip it in some honey and then eat it like a medicine. Some people don’t like ginger but you must take it if you wanted to get rid of the cramp which stops your daily activity.



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