How to Get rid of Redness on Face

Face is your most significant identity. It represents your personality, attitude and beauty. Whenever you go in front of the people, they will first look at your face. So it’s very vital to make that look healthy and pure.

Now-a-days, there are many problems associated with face. One of the common problems is redness on face. In this article, I am going to discuss about this problem and some special tips which can make your face free from redness.

What is redness on face?

Redness on face is very frequent term. When there is markedly visible red mark on your face and a clearly visible difference between other parts of the face is called redness on the face.

What causes the redness?

There are many reasons behind the redness on face. Below you will get an idea about what are causing redness on your face.

  1. Skin allergy
  2. Particular product sensitivity
  3. Sunburn
  4. Environmental issues
  5. Fungal infection
  6. Acne etc.

How to get rid of redness on face:

Nowadays we live within a busy schedule. So we want fast and effective solution. Actually there is a no solution which can completely reduce your redness within a day. But some can tips can give you a brief solution yet effective to reduce redness.

Wash your face properly:

how to get rid of redness on face

Washing face is a very imperative thing. Cleansing part is very important if you are using sunscreen or makeup regularly. If your skin is not clean than there’s a chance of having bacterial attack on your face. Don’t use cold or hot water after cleaning because both of these are not good for skin. Use proper cleanser for facial. Don’t use any cleanser which contains alcohol. Try to choose face wash which helps to balance your pH level. After washing your face, simply pat dry with tissue paper or a soft towel.

Don’t scrub your face because it will increase redness. Take anti- oxidant containing foods. Anti- oxidants moisturize our skin from the inside out. So eat more carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli. Try to eat avocado salad. Antioxidant foods inhibit the oxidation of free radical.

Use extra protection during winter:

how to get rid of redness on face

During wintertime, you face a common problem and that is, when you comeback from outside into the room suddenly your face become red. The main reason behind it is sudden rush of blood to those area. So use scarf around your nose and lower cheek. Also try to use a hat and apply petroleum jelly over your face whenever you want to go to outside during winter.

Use Aloe Vera Gel:

how to get rid of redness on face

Aloe Vera has so many multi functional properties. It is used in many a more health beneficial purpose. Take out the gel from one leaf. Rub the gel on your face and leave it for minimum 30 to 45 minutes. After that you will notice a sudden change that your redness has reduced a lot. Apply aloe vera gel 4 times a week.

Try cucumber slices:

how to get rid of redness on face

Cucumber is one effective measure which has so many health benefits. It can reduce your redness on face by decreasing inflammation. So put some pieces of sliced cucumber on your face but don’t rub them because it can damage the cell of your face. Mildly pat in on the red areas. Keep it for about 30 minutes and after that rinse with normal water. Use it continuously for about 10 days. You will obviously notice the difference.

Use Neem leaves:

how to get rid of redness on face

This is one ancient method which is used by the Asian people a lot. Neem leaf fights against bacteria, fungal infections or any other skin disorder issues. Boil some neem leaves on some water. Infuse the neem in the water and boil for about 20 minutes. Then strain it off and cool it down. Now, take a cotton ball and soak it in neem solution and pat it in the affected area. You will get sudden relief and after using this solution for a few days you will notice your redness have reduced a lot.

Balanced Diet:

how to get rid of redness on face

Try to have healthy food whenever you are eating. You have to lessen your junk food habit and also concentrate on fruits and vegetables. Cod liver oil is very efficient if you are facing redness. Use the Cod liver oil at night. Though, the scent is very irritating. Try to consume at least half lemon juice or one green chili whenever you are doing supper or dinner.

Use moisturizer cream on face at night:

how to get rid of redness on face

At night, use moisturizing cream on your face. It will preserve the moisture of your skin and make them well hydrate. But use a reputed cosmetic brand otherwise it can cause other skin problem. Moisturizer need to be chosen carefully as excess oil production will lead to more redness. Try to use good brands moisturizer which will hydrate your skin and will also come up with unclogged pores. If the home remedies are not helping you in reducing redness than immediately seek for your doctor. Don’t use any cream or medicine without consulting with your skin doctor.

Apply green tinted concealer:

how to get rid of redness on face

A correct concealer can hide your redness almost completely. My suggestion is, green-tinted concealer is better in that aspect. Simply apply this concealer over the red area. Tap it gently by finger tip or a makeup sponge. Surely it will give you a positive result. Try to buy this concealer from any reputed cosmetic brand. If you have any skin allergy than don’t use it or before applying it, consult your dermatologist.

One frustrating matter that we heard from people they don’t know what to do with those redness on face. One thing that we needed to keep in our mind the fairer skin shows out all impurities as they have melanin in their body. This sometimes can be the only reason for redness. In this case, you need to take a proper daytime and night time skin care routine. Mix and match with home remedies or other skin care product to see the difference. You can’t completely get rid of this problem as the main reason is hard to fight out. Whenever you are using any medication try to concentrate on the ingredient that is present in the medicine. Harsh product can make it even worse. Makeup can’t be the only solution use some home remedies as it will make sure to lessen down the appearance of your red skin.


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