4 Health Benefits Of Hummus

Once, at a restaurant I ordered a dish with hummus and my little sister with astonishment told me you have ordered humor? She thought I told humor. Then I laughed and told her that it’s hummus. I told her it is a kind of dip which is made out of chickpeas. It was only a short learning that I gave her. As chickpeas is the basic ingredient of hummus. But hummus can be explained in a mass manner.

Hummus is a dip or paste that was first originated in the Middle East countries. The main ingredients of hummus are chickpeas and tahini. There are also other ingredients such as garlic, red onion, tomatoes olive oil, salt and etc. It is eaten with flat breads, chapatti or roti. Hummus is a very special dip not among the Middle East countries but also in many other countries. I adore this food because it has many nutrient values. But you must know that hummus is rich in fiber as it is related to beans. If I discuss about the health benefits it will be easier for you to know if hummus is good for your health or not.



Hummus actually contains a lot of acid. Its name is Omega 3 fatty acids. This is important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Without this acid hummus has folic acid and amino acid. We all know that these acids are also important for our digestion. There is also iron and manganese. Iron is the main component of Hemoglobin. If there is a shortage of iron then there is chance to have anemia.

Now-a-days women are suffering from anemia because there is a shortage of iron in their body. After their menstrual period they face a shortage of blood in their body. So, women are told to take iron at any age. So, hummus is also very helpful for woman as it contains a good amount of iron.

Health benefit of hummus is a foresaid to you. But individually the health benefits of chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, tahini etc are many.


No doubt that chickpeas are a good nutrient for your immune system. You can blindly rely on chickpeas as adds no cholesterol in your body. As there is no cholesterol then your body gets no fat ultimately. Cholesterol free food also keeps your blood vessel clean. This means it is safe for your heart too. It gives energies to your body. For this benefit, this is famous among the vegetarian.


Some people use tahini in their hummus. But tahini contains fat in it. But some manufacturers or the chefs in the restaurant tell that they use saturated tahini. It means reduced fat. I don’t like to have tahini in hummus but if I took some in my digestion menu then I must work out.


Lemon juice and garlic both are healthier for our body. As they contain antioxidant which is helpful for our immune system. It helps to reduce our free radical. These two builds up our immune system and protects our body from bacterial diseases.


We all know about olive oil and its benefit fact. It has reduced fat and it is healthy for our diet plan. There are other ingredients in hummus which are helpful for our body system. Hummus can be eaten in many ways. As hummus has many nutrient values you can add it in your regular menu. For me it is far better than all processed jam. Feel free to eat hummus as it is helpful to your health and immune system.

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