9 Helpful Home Remedies for An Itchy Scalp

Now-a-days we are suffering a lot with various diseases. All of this is happening due to the change in environment. Our surroundings are polluted that’s why there are so many problems that people are facing.

Today a common problem which is seen among the people is an itchy scalp. People are getting annoyed to face this typical problem. At first you must have an idea about what is itchy scalp and what are the causes.


Itchy scalp is a condition when your hair skin itches a lot. And it’s very disgusting to scratch your hair in front of your friends and family. Now almost 52% people are having itchy scalp. And their age starts from 20 and more than 20. But you would be surprised to know that little aged people are also suffering. My nephew was having a bad itching problem but he was only 1 year old. After consulting with the doctor we came to know that he was having fungal problem on his hair.


There are some causes of itchy scalp. They are stated below.


It is also called seborrhea. You will notice a white powder like thing on your scalp. This is called flakes. Sometimes you see it on television with the advertisement of shampoo. If dandruff occurs they will cause flakiness and itching.


It is commonly called head lice. Head lice surround on our scalp and they suck blood from our scalp. When they walk on our scalp surface it itches a lot. It is a very important matter to remove head lice. As it causes harm to us by sucking blood from our head. If you notice some white specks on our hair those are eggs and nits or lice. They are a bit shiny to look at.

3.Excessive dirt from air:

4.Salt water:

Salt water often causes itchiness. My grandpa lives in a coastal area with a long beach view. He also had an irritating itchy problem. First he thought he was having parasites but nope his itchiness occurred due to the salt from the beach water.

5.Fungal infection:

One type of fungal infection is malassezia. This is a microscopic fungus. There is also ringworm which can be called parasitic fungi. You will notice brown or reddish bump on your scalp. You will also notice the gray scale area and bumps filled with pus. Hair loss also occurs due to this fungus.
6.Dry skin on the scalp:

7.Sweat on the scalp:

These are some causes through which itchiness can occur.

I have given you a simple but effective idea about what is itchy scalp and the causes of it. Now it is high time that I should give you some solution to get rid of this problem.



There are a lot of remedies. I am giving you both the natural and medicated remedies.


Oil is an important element to reduce itchiness. There can be many solutions through oil.

  1. First make some oil mixture. This is a traditional method. Take the same amount of coconut oil and almond oil in a bowl. E.g. If you take 1 tbsp of coconut oil then add in it 1 tbsp of almond oil.
  2. I especially prefer to use almond oil with coconut oil. You must warm up your oil mixture. Be careful. Don’t use hot oil. You can use lukewarm oil on your scalp.
  3. Oil with natural particles. First take half cup of coconut oil, then add to it some Alma, hibiscus flower and a little amount of fenugreek. Now warm the mixture. And apply it on your scalp when it is lukewarm in nature.
  4. Massage your scalp with the aforesaid oil mixture. As dandruff occurs due to dry skin and malassezia it is important to massage your scalp. By doing massage it will increase your blood circulation of the head.
  5. Dandruff reducing solution. Before going to sleep soak some methi in oil. Then in the morning make a smooth paste out of those methi. Then apply it on your scalp and massage it gently. Repeat this method for at least 2 times a week. You will have less amount of dandruff after using this method. After using each aforesaid method try to use some lime juice on your scalp. After 10 minutes shampoo your hair with your suitable product. Lime juice is important to reduce dandruff and it also diminishes fungal infection of your scalp. When all this will be reduced there will be no itching problem anymore.


Onion has some antiseptic agent which helps to reduce dandruff and itchiness in your hair. Blend some onion then pass it in a sift. Now take a handsome amount of onion juice and apply it on your scalp very gently. This will surely get you rid of dandruff. If possible then try to apply onion juice 3 times a week.


You can also use sore yogurt on your scalp. Sore yogurt helps to reduce flakiness and itching dilemma. You can apply sore yogurt twice a month.


It is being said that apple cider vinegar contains anti-bacterial agent. It helps to reduce the redness of itching sensation. Take some apple cider vinegar and dab a cotton ball and apply it on your scalp. The anti-fungal agent will diminish the itchiness.


Lemon is a traditional natural ingredient which helps to reduce many diseases. Apply lemon juice on your hair and scalp with cotton ball. Keep it only for 5minutes. If you keep it for a long time the acid residing in lemon may damage your hair skin! By using lemon it will reduce the parasites, fungi and dandruff to a greater extent.


Take some amount of shampoo that you are going to use when going to bath. Then add with those shampoo 10 drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil contains Anti-inflammatory particles. This helps to reduce itchiness.


If parasites are residing on your hair or scalp than you can use head lice s
hampoo. This will reduce the amount of lice through chemical. Permethrin resides in the head lice shampoo which helps to kill lice. Use the shampoo till all your eggs have disappeared from your hair.


Wash every cloth or bed sheet or other things after realizing you or any of your family member is having head lice. Wash all things in very hot water. By doing this it will kill the parasite. Another thing is important. You must vacuum your house to get rid of head lice.


Balanced diet is a must. Too much oil containing food can do harm to your scalp. So, try to avoid fatty food and gallop fish, fruits, fresh vegetables. Don’t forget to drink at least 1 glass of lime juice. Also you can take medication which contains vitamin A, C and E. The itchiness will diminish by following a good chart of diet.

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