8 Home Remedies for Constipation

God make our body better than a super computer. It can control its function superbly but sometimes our bad habit interfere this natural mechanism and we face many unwanted problem like Constipation. Now a day’s constipation is a very common problem. Lot of people is suffering in this problem. It’s a digestive disorder in which a person feels great difficulty to pass stool. It’s a painful process to pass this hard stool. Sometimes the stool becomes so hard that it can tear the skin around the anus. All age group people can affect by this disorder. Actually constipation is a digestive disorder which main cause is created by us.
It’s a very painful disorder but its solution is very easy. You can relive from constipation if you follow some easy tips. Relieving constipation is an easy task and its solution is divided into two parts. One part should do from your side and another part is done by some laxative.
Home remedies for constipation:
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1. Start loving dietary fiber: 

Your first choice for relieving constipation is dietary fibers. It will relieve constipation naturally. Fibers are natural packing of plants foods. Your daily requirement of fibers is 25-40gm.Fibers will helps you to get rid of constipation by Increase peristalsis which will helps bowel movement. Produce large softer stool which is easy to pass. It is important for sliming and prevents colon cancer and diverticulosis. It will also help to lower your blood cholesterol level.
Some foods where you can found dietary fibers: Whole grain food, legume, bran flanks, leafy vegetables, roots, vegetables, fruits like apple and orange, dry bean, potato etc.

2. Take plenty of water: 

Water is a great relieving factor for constipation. It makes the stool soft. You have to take at least 3 liter water for relieving constipation.

3. Avoid some selective food: 

some food is highly responsible for making hard stool. You have to avoid these foods completely or take very small amount.
Food you should avoid: red meat like beef, lamb or pork, Foods rich in sugars like biscuit s or lollies, refined and process foods like pizza, burger and beef rolls. Don’t take junk food or foods rich in fat and cholesterol because it will increase your anal pain.

4. Take a step towards exercise: 

Exercise will increase peristaltic movement so try to exercise daily. From me, best exercise will be walking. When you needs to go to a short distance then try to pass this distance on foot. You can also try yoga. If you have enough time then go to gym.

5: Take some home remedy: 

At morning take a glass of warm water and mix a tea spoon of honey with it. And drink it before taking breakfast. Try to take daily at least 2-3 orange before going bed. Eat grapes, Bale fruit and pear daily. Take carrots juice, prune juice and lemon juice. These foods will make your stool soft. And soft stool is easy to pass.

6: Send depression and stress to vacation: 

Say good bye to stress. It will hamper your normal physiological function. When you are in depression your bowel movement will be less than normal. A person who is in depression is suffered more then who leads a healthy and tension free life. So try to lead a happy and stress free life.

7: Follow some medication: 

In market there is some laxative like magnesium suspension which is very effective for get rid of constipation. You can also try 4000-6000mg of vitamin C. Take this vitamin at once which has a great laxative effect.

8: Herbal Treatment

you can also try some herbal product like Triphala. It is highly recommended in constipation. It has great power to detoxify body and helps to bowel movement by increasing peristalsis. Try to take a teaspoon o Triphola powder before going bed. It has no side effect but great laxative power.,

Constipation can be controlled and relieve by ourselves. So don’t panic and tensed. Try to follow the suggestion which I have described earlier. Surely it will help you a lot to get rid of constipation. If you need any kinds of helps then feel free to contact with us. Best wishes for you. Surely God will help you to get rid any kinds of disease.

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