How to get rid of a dry cough fast

We face a lot of aggravation, every moment of our life. One such aggravation is dry cough which is simply ghastly, infuriating and throbbing. Environment often causes many quandaries including dry cough. If you are being attacked by seasonal flu, than there is a chance that will take time to restore to health. Dry cough is quite an obstinate one to be fade away that effortlessly. Sometimes it can lead to pretty damn hard ways to get rid of it. Often, simple medication can make the way none problematic.So read our full article about how to get rid of a dry cough fast.


How to get rid of a dry cough

Actually cough is good for us because it cleanse the airway tract. When any foreign element enters in the throat then cough occurs. But something cough occur in certain disease condition. If there is cough without sputum production then we can termed it as dry cough. Sometimes sputum is called as phlegm. Dry cough is also known as non productive cough.


Dry cough can cause from substantial sources. These frequent causes are seen in most cases:

  1. Seasonal flu
  2. Viral Flu
  3. Smoking (In USA, the non-smokers are also affected by smoking. In a closed survey, it is being seen that around 31% of non-smokers are facing dry cough due to indirect smoking.)
  4. Asthma (Sometimes for other aforesaid causes the Asthma patient can get dry cough and it became unfeasible for them to control it. Main point is that they are attacked by asthma when they are having sore dry cough.)
  5. In rare cases, allergies can cause dry cough. Hayfever or animal fur can both lead to Allergic dry coughing.
  6. Sinus infection
  7. Pneumonia
  8. Dusts is another major reason which can cause unremitting cough
  9. Gastro esophageal reflux.


Coughing is obnoxious whenever we are passing a quality time with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. It’s always better to go for usual home remedies rather than medicated ways at first case. If you are having unceasing coughing than go for the over the counter medicine to lessen your coughing problem.




Cloves are the foremost domicile remedy which is very effective in many senses. Take 2 cloves in your mouth and chew a bit when you are having a bad continuous coughing. The pungent spice which emits from cloves soothes your coughing to a greater extent. Sometimes coughing occurs continuously and this spice has the capability to reduce down your dry cough.



This is another common ingredient which can soothe you sore dry cough. Take half glasses of warm water (Remember that try to take a bit more warm as it will help to appease the mucus membranes) and add with it 1 big dollop of honey. Now, drink the honey water. It will ease your throat. Honey prevents the exasperation of dry coughing. In simple terms it moistens the throat. Try to use organic honey. Now-a-days many jar honey is found which is filled with impurities. You can let your child eat one spoonful of organic honey before going to bed as dry coughing create disturbance at the time of sleeping.


basil leaf

Basil leaf is another helpful ingredient which reduces down any problems of throat. Take some basil leaf and grind it. Then take the juice of leaf and add with it a pinch of salt. Now, take 1 tsp of basil leaf juice and drink it. Basil leaf helps to condense the swelling which is caused by dry cough. Take 2 tsp for 2 times a day. Basil leaf tastes a bit horrific, if so than try to add few drops of honey with it to cut down the pungent taste. Continue it for 1 week then you will notice that your coughing is fading away soon.


health benefits of ginger

Ginger can be used in a several ways. They are given below:

Whenever you are making tea, add with it some ginger and boil it for a few minutes. Now drink the tea and you will find it very relaxing to diminish your dry cough. You can add half tsp of honey instead of sugar.

You can also make tea with ginger and basil leaf. At the time of making tea add with it some basil leaf and some ginger. Boil for about 5 minutes. Your throat will feel relaxed after drinking the tea.

Drinking ginger tea can give you much relief. Try to follow up with ginger everyday for more beneficial health issues.


Peppermint tea

Tea is another traditional form of solution which is helpful for any kind of throat related issues. You can have it in many ways:

You can have any basic types of tea which will help you to appease your inflammation. For some people hot tea irritates a lot but first it will infuriate you then it will ease your coughing situation.

You can have black tea. Black tea will trim down the coughing.

At the time of making tea add with it ginger roots, 1 small cinnamon stick and 2 basil leaf. Then infuse the flavor in tea. Now it’s the drinking time. Drink at least 2 cups of mixed up spice tea. If you feel that you are not able to take it or drink it then add 1 tsp of honey. (Honey gives a soothing sensation which avoid any harshness)

Another way is to add some drops of lemon to the tea. Lemon helps to numb your throat. This is one favorite bit of all. As we always drink lemon tea most of the time.


This is taught by my mum. Strong syrup which is very bitter to drink but you will get relief after galloping first a few tablespoons. Boil 1 ½ glass of water with 1 stick of cinnamon, 2 basil leaf, little bit of ginger. Boil until the consistency become a little heavy. Then at the last moment include with it some orange peel. Boil for another 1 minute. Strain the mixture and add with it 1 tsp honey or rose syrup. Then drink 1-2 tbsp at a time. You can store the syrup. Take twice the syrup a day. It will gradually reduce the coughing as well as it will help to sooth the throat from irritations.



Lozenge works as the honey. Sweet facts are soothing elements which eases your throat. Try to eat any lozenges which have peppermint or menthol. This helps to anesthetize your throat and your cough will break down to a greater extent. The sweet coating gives you a smooth sensation. A dry cough with no phlegm can be reduced by any kind of lozenges. You can have menthol mixed hard candy to reduce dry coughing.


Ancient methods are always a blessing. The simple salt water gargle can easily reduce down the irritation. Water in the cell membrane thins out after in contacting with the salt which eventually leaves the cell and the discomfort reduces. Just take hot water in a mug and add with it some salt. Now gargle for sometimes to give warm sensation to that place. Gargle at least twice a day to get better result.



You have to remember one thing that dirt is one major factor which causes coughing. Try to make your home hygienic from all impurities and dirt. When you are outside then use face mask so that the irritants don’t causes quandary to you. Keep your environment clean as it will be beneficiary for your health.


Some people are extremely allergic to deodorants, scents or air freshener. This scent can cause dry cough. Try to find out which types of scent is creating coughing. If possible then stop using that scent as it is causing dry cough.



Take a bowl of hot boiling water then add with it some menthol. You will find menthol for steaming in any drugstore shop. Then inhale the steam which is coming from the water. The steam will break down the respiratory membranes and ease your chest from aching and coughing.

You can also use tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil in the hot water. Both of these ingredients contain soothing agent as well as anti-viral and anti bacterial properties. As like aforesaid about the menthol try to take steam with tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil to avoid decongestion due to dry coughing.

Get rid of dry cough by Medication:

It’s very difficult to give medication with knowing the actual cause behind the dry cough. But something you may try some over the counter drug which can give temporary relief from dry cough.

1.Use nasal decongestant:

nasal decongestant

Nasal decongestant acts by reducing the swollen of nasal mucosa. Decongestant can be found in many forms like pills, spray, liquid etc. You can use a nasal decongestant containing phenylephrin or pseudoephedrine. You have to pay extra attention during the use of nasal decongestant in person having hypertension because it can increase the blood pressure. Decongestant should not use more than three days because it can produce rebound congestion.

2.Cough suppressant is useful:

cough suppressant

Sometimes dry cough is severe enough and that can produce chest pain. It also gives trouble during sleeping. On these kinds of situation, you can use cough suppressant. Dextromethorphan is a good cough suppressant. Remember that it will give you temporary relief not permanently. So for better result visit a doctor chamber.

3.Medicated Chest rub

Many a more over the counter chest rubs are found to reduce coughing. Vicks Vapor rub is the famous of all. Try to use Vicks Vapor Rub on the chest. If you want you can use it on the upper portion of your nose. Don’t use it on infant. Menthol helps to loosen up the coughing situation.

Hope the aforesaid suggestions will help you in the long run and if you have any other remedies which are effective please don’t forget to share this with us. Thanks for your valuable time.

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