How to Get rid of Frizzy Hair Fast

Think of a person who is bold headed. Thought of it? If so than you must have an idea that a person without hair looks unpleasant. Again, think of person having lots of bushy and curly hair. Note that I have said lots of bushy hair. Every people are different by their distinct feature and characteristics. Everyone has special taste in every category. That is why my thinking will create many types of response among persons. Some of you will say that shaggy and curly hair is good but some will say no! It’s not good. Curly hair is great in terms but sometimes there are situations when frizzy hair is not suitable for those particular circumstances. Those scrupulous circumstances can be overcome. So, need not to undergo dreadful consequences about it at all.


Its simple whenever your hair is not in the straight form then it can be called frizzy hair. We use many products in our hair for many reasons Such as- product for dandruff, shiny hair, silky, volume or bacteria offensive hair. These products may help you but much of the time it does a lot of kink on our hair. You need to know that sometimes product can also be helpful for people for their skin types. If you look at the celebrities then you may ask how they maintain their hair having so many kinks. Of course you must have a hair stylish, but for normal people like us, can get rid of frizzy hair easily by following some rules. Frizzy hair can create a messy situation if it is not treated properly. I tried some techniques to get rid of frizzy hair. It is also noticeable that some procedures vary in accordance with the types of hair.


  • SMOOTHING CREAM: 1st method is for all types of hair. You can use smoothing creams which is colorless. Whenever you are using smoothing cream apply it from the upper to lower part straightly. It helps to lay down the hair cuticle.
  • VINEGAR: this is my favorite step to use vinegar in hair. Whenever I am in shortage of conditioner I use vinegar. Take a jug and fill ¾ of it with water and then add a tbsp of vinegar. Pour the vinegar mixture on your hair. Massage for about 5 minutes then wash your hair with water. You can apply vinegar after using shampoo. Some people asked me what types of vinegar they can use. You can use apple cider vinegar. Best type of vinegar will be distilled vinegar. It’s because this is clear in form.
  • ALMOND OR GOOSEBERRY OIL: You can also use almond or gooseberry oil after washing your hair. After you wash your hair rinse it and then apply some oil in the comb. Then gently brush your hair. You will notice, it is not frizzy at all. Don’t apply too much oil as it will make your hair greasy.
  • EGG: Egg is another useful material to work against frizzy hair. By using egg you can have a smooth and shiny hair. I am suggesting you to use egg because our hair sometimes lacks of shine. Frizzy hair looks dull and rough. Our hair loses shine because of heat from the sun or it we use harsh chemical based product on our hair. That’s why use egg. Whisk one egg with 2 tsp of water and then apply it in your hair. Keep it for about half an hour. Then wash it with lukewarm water not hot water. You can only use egg yolks if you want.
  • BLOW DRIER: We all are leading a very busy day. To maintain a busy schedule sometimes we cannot give much attention to our hair and uses a lot of blow drier to quickly dry out our hair. It’s a very awful habit to use blow drier continuously. Try to skip the use of drier as it makes our hair frizzy.
  • GENTLE USE OF BRUSH OR COMB: Brush your hair when it is wet. Stop brushing your hair frequently. If your hair is dry then your hair will break easily. If you are brushing your hair too often then try to use it gently. If you have lots of split ends try to use little amount of serum on your comb. It will be best if you use serum on the ends of your hair where there are fissure.
  • CHEMICAL PRODUCT: Please try to avoid the use of gels and sprays. In week, you can wash your hair with shampoo only 3 times. Excessive use of shampoo and conditioner can lead to damage hair.
  • HENNA PASTE: There is powdered henna which can be found in the local market or you can find it in the local Asian or Indian shops. Take 1 cup of henna then add with it one egg yolk. Apply it on your hair. Keep it for about 1-2 hour if possible. Some people who have sinus problem can’t keep the mixture for lengthy time. They can keep the pack for about 30-45 minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Use henna once in a month. This will help you to get rid of frizzy hair.

Hope the aforesaid methods be of any assistance in your problematic hair condition. For better result give some scope to the aforesaid methods. It means be serene. Thanks for your consideration.

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