13 Home Remedies for Migraines

You know what more than 20 million people suffered by Migraine in USA. And 75% of them are female. And all over the world it’s a very common problem for all. If you think Migraines is simply a headache then you are living in fool’s paradise. A person who is suffering from migraine he can describe the actual meaning of migraine. It’s not a simply headache but a type of chronic headache which can give you so much uncomfortable feelings. Migraine can last for hours to several day or even more. Migraines a type of excruciating pain and it’s interfere with the ability to do daily works.

What causes Migraine?

Neurologists are trying hard to find out the cause of migraine. But till now the actual causes of migraine are unknown. But they suspect on some factors which may aggregate migraine. Alcohol, stress, water changes, lack of sleep and food may act as a trigger for migraine said by Dr. Brian Grosberg. He is an assistant professor of neurology and director of Inpatient Headache Program at Montefiore Headache Center in Bronx, New York.

Treatment for migraine:

Many over the counter drugs are available in market for the treatment of migraine. You can choose any of them by consulting your Doctor. But my suggestion is for you; go for home remedies because it’s totally natural and has no side effect. Also it is very cost effective.

Home remedies for migraine:

Home remedies for migraine is two types. One which should be taken before migraine attacks and another one are after attack.

Home remedies for migraine before attack:

1.Start Loving water:

Dehydrated body is attacked more by the migraine. So well hydrate your body. Take at least 3 liters of water in a day and drink fresh juice.

2.Sleep well:

Concentrate on your proper sleep. Sleep at least 6 hours and Go to bed early. If your sleep cycle is properly not maintained then you are very much susceptible for migraine.

3.Try Yoga practice:

Yoga is very helpful for a migraine patient. Yoga is a connection between your body and mind. Yoga will reduce your stress, relax your muscle, and make you more confident.

4.Say good bye to tension:

Though it’s difficult to live a tension free life but you should try to forget tension for your own benefits. If you live in a tension free life then migraine has very little chance to attack you.

5.Don’t think about migraine attack:

Sometimes migraine comes due to your thinking. Don’t even think about migraine. If you are think about migraine then migraine comes due to neurological causes.

6.Don’t take too much caffeine:

Caffeine is a stress and pain reliever. But too much is not good for you. Sometimes it will aggregate migraine.

Home remedies for migraine after attack:

1.Immediately take a proper rest:

When you notice the onset of migraine, just leave the stress and have a proper rest. Go to bed and lie down. If it’s not possible to go to bed at that time then sit down on a chair. Make sure that your body is in relaxing stage.

2.Choose a quiet and dark room:

Light and sound is intolerable for a person suffering from migraine. So choose a quiet and a dark room for take rest.

3.Try hot or cold water bag compress:

You can try an ice bag or a hot water bag over your head or neck and massage gently. Actually it has placebo effect on patient that helps to reduce pain.

4.Take caffeine:

Caffeine is a very effective in migraine. Take a cup of tea or coffee. It will surely reduce your pain

Apply a head band: a head band is used during migraine. It reduces pain a little. Use a headband around your head.

5.Massage your forehead and neck:

It’s another home remedies for migraine. Gently massage your neck .it will relax your muscle and minimize pain.

6.Take hot showers:

Take a hot shower. It will reduce your pain by loses your body, open up your sinuses and relive tension.

7.Massage peppermint oil:

You can try peppermint oil massage over your head. It will minimize your pain.

If the pain is intolerable for you then you should go to doctor. Follow those home remedies properly. Surely those will help you a lot during migraine. If this article helps you a little then it will be my reward. Thanks for reading this article. live a healthy life.


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