How To Get rid Of Whiteheads on Face – Fastest Ways To Remove Whiteheads

Going for a party and your makeup is not even? This is because of the Comedones which we face a lot in our nose and face as well. These little pesky things are such annoying that if you forget to take proper care of your skin it will pop up just within a day. Yes! I am serious. Misconception arises about blackhead and whiteheads. Whiteheads usually pops under the skin surface and if you touch them you will feel an uneven surface which is not welcoming for me at all. It turns black if your pores are open and fills with constant dirt, makeup product and other unnecessary elements and then we call those blackheads. Today I will try to provide information which I tried for myself and got positive result.


What are the causes of whiteheads?

Actually whiteheads are nothing but forms of mild acne. There are structural similarity between whiteheads and blackheads. Main difference is between the colors. Whiteheads is a simple bump on the skin which is formed by the combination of oil, dead cell and sometime bacteria.

Sites of whiteheads:

Whiteheads can be form at any sites of the face but it occurs frequently in nose, chin, forehead and cheek. Sometimes it may be found on the shoulder and back.

How to get rid of whiteheads:

Getting rid of whiteheads is not a big deal. It can be solve very easily because you have a lot of options to choose from. But first of all, you should be patient enough to get the result.

Natural remedies for whiteheads:

Natural remedies are always the best. Remember it won’t be an overnight solution. Natural processes take time yet effective and at the same time carry no harmful effects.

  1. Wash your face regularly:

how to get rid of redness on face

Wash your hands by antibacterial soap or hand wash before touching the face. Keep your face clean so Wash your face at least twice in a day. You can use a cleanser for washing face. I suggest you to buy a cleanser which contains alpha hydroxyl acid or salicylic acid. These substances are very much effective against whiteheads. They reduce the chance of formation of whiteheads. After washing your face, gently pat the face by tissue paper or a soft towel. Don’t rub the face because it can damage the cell.

I did some experiment and found out the cleansing system of many a more places. As you all Korean have very beautiful skin and they are so many awesome expertise whom are diligently contributing in the skin care section. I have come up with the double cleansing method from the Korean skincare. Firstly, choose an oil based cleanser to remove makeup and dirt from your face. The oil based cleanser must contain emulsifier which will clean out the dirt or makeup along with the oil based cleanser. Then try to choose any foam or stick cleanser. If you are facing any skin trouble issues try to look for low PH facial cleanser to balance out your skins oil.

  1. Scrubbing/Exfoliating:

Scrubbing is imperative as it helps to remove dead skin cells from your face. Scrub your face at least once in a week. Dead cells clog skin pores. You will get the best result if you take steam for a while. Steam will help to open up the pores. After using any mild cleanser your pores will get rid of all the stubborn dead cells, dirt and makeup which clogged your pore. After using scrub try to rub some ice or aloe vera gel to close your pores. Open pores are the active forms which will absorb the dirt very easily.

  1. Use tea tree oil:

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is very effective against whiteheads. It a natural product so it has no side effect. Though it is oil but it will not clog the skin pores. Simply dab a little of tea tree oil and directly apply on the whiteheads. If you feel it is very strong then you can dilute this oil by mixing with few drops of water.

  1. Use apple cider vinegar:

health benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a wide range of use. Apple cider vinegar is also useful in skin care. ACV combats against whiteheads. Directly apply a little ACV onto the whiteheads. ACV decreases the excess oil which present in the skin. So chance of whiteheads formation will be reduce.

  1. Baking Soda:


Homemade recipes are always great to find good result. Just add baking soda and a bit of water to form a paste. Now apply the mixture to the area where you are prone to whiteheads. Keep it for about 5 to 10 minutes not more than that. If baking soda gives any irritation then add few drops of honey to balance it out. Baking soda helps to clear the pores which are clogged and also helps to reduce down whiteheads to a great extent.

  1. Recipe from Kitchen:

After seeing the title you will be a bit shaken I know. Or will thought what this insane is saying. Though I am not insane but I am here to share an antique recipe of my grandma which uses all the ingredients from kitchen.

In a small bowl take some toothpaste (It’s not a kitchen item :/), a bit of honey, few drops of water and a pinch of salt. Combine the mixture and apply it onto your face where you are noticing whiteheads. Keep it for about 5 to 10 minutes and after that clean it with cold water. The toothpaste will penetrate the whiteheads and will help to reduce down the whiteheads instantly.

  1. Try comedon extractor:

Comedon extractor is kind of instrument which can lance the whiteheads and remove the sebum and dead skin. This instrument can be found in the beauty shop or surgical instrument shop. You can purchase it from there. But before using it, read the user manual very carefully and learn properly how to use it. It can from a scar if you don’t use it properly. Another tip do take a bit of steam to open up your pores so that the dirt comes off easily from the skin.

  1. Make sure that your skin is Moisturize:

how to get rid of redness on face

Don’t leave your skin dry or tight. There is more chance for whiteheads on a dry skin. So use a moisturizing cream daily. We recommended moisturizing creams which contain salicylic acid. You can also use gel contained moisturizer if you have combination to oily skin.

  1. Try facial clay Mask:

It’s another home remedies for getting rid of whiteheads. I have used many a more clay masks which are available in the online store, Sephora or in Korean sites. Use clay mask by adding a bit of apple cider vinegar for prompt result.

  1. Wash your hair at regular interval:

Dirty hair can cause more oil production. This oil can block the pores of the skin. So wash your hair at regular interval. But over washing is not good. So wash the hair at 2-3 days interval.

  1. Use non-comedogenic make up and lotion:

Oil is the main culprit for whiteheads production. Oil containing make up and lotion can increase the formation of whiteheads. So avoid oily make up and lotion. Try to use oil free product. You should remember the word non comedogenic. Non Comedogenic means this product is not oily and will not block the skin pores. As early as possible Remove your make up after come back from the party.

  1. Maintain an overall healthy diet:

A healthy diet can give you a fresh and beautiful skin. Healthy skin has the least probability for formation of whiteheads; blackheads and acne. To make your skin healthy, drink at least 2 liter of water in a day. Eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit daily. Eat fruits and avoid oily foods. Go to gym and exercise regularly. Maintain your personal hygiene strictly. The main thing that breaks our skin’s own PH balance is the junk food which is a luring thing yet harmful for our skin.

Medical Treatment for Whiteheads:

  1. Use benzyl peroxide cream:

Benzoyl peroxide cream can be very effectual against whiteheads. Actually it’s not only effective against whiteheads but also effective against blackheads and cystic acne. Mechanism of action of benzoyl peroxide is very simple. Oil, dead cells and Bactria is the cause for whiteheads so this cream kills the surface bacteria, unclogging the oil and dead cells from the pores of the skin. It’s an over the counter drug so you can easily buy it from your near drug house. At first time, buy a small strength benzoyl peroxide cream. Apply this cream directly over the whiteheads. Surely this cream will reduce the whiteheads.

  1. Try salicylic acid cream:

It’s another over the counter drug which can be used against whiteheads. Its acts as the similar way of Benzoyl peroxide cream. But it gives more attention to kill the surface bacteria. Like Benzoyl peroxide cream apply this cream tropically. Don’t apply on surrounding skin because it can irritate the normal skin.

  1. Try retinoid cream:

It’s a vitamin A derivative cream. It has oral preparation also. Retinoid cream has the ability to kill the surface bacteria. It also decreases the oil by unclogging. It can increase the cell turnover. This cream should use tropically on the whiteheads. If you have sensitive skins then don’t use this cream.

  1. Visit doctor’s chamber:

If you are not cured from the whiteheads within 2 months then you should visit a dermatologist. A doctor can identify the actual cause behind the whiteheads by some examination and investigation. After that, doctor will give you the proper treatment. Now I think you have a proper idea about how get rid of whiteheads. Use the home remedies or clinical treatment. Definitely you will free from whiteheads. I suggest you, if you have any kinds of skin disease along with whiteheads then consult a doctor before taking any kinds of medication or home remedies


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