Is Rice Fattening,or Not?

Of course it is a matter of tension for some people to know if rice is fattening or not. I was surprised by hearing that Asian people are not that much concerned about this matter. But though I found many are facing with this confusing question. There are many thoughts around this single question. Because everything has two sides like coin as like this the thought of people also varies. Some says rice contain little amount of nutrient that’s why it is totally forbidden to eat. Another class of people says that it contains carbohydrate which is needed for our health. Now let’s talk about the other factors about rice.


Here is my point of view. Rice is a carbohydrate which contains some proteins. It can come to us on two types. First type is the whole grain rice such as brown rice which contains fiber. And the other type is the refined rice such as white rice which contains no fiber. In my sense, brown and white rice contains the same amount of carbohydrate so those people differentiating the fact is not quite sure what they are presenting. A little math work I am presenting to you about what I told aforesaid.


1. BROWN RICE- 80gm

2. WHITE RICE- 77.3gm


4. BROWN RICE- 3.4gm

5. WHITE RICE- 1gm


7. BROWN RICE- 8gm

8. WHITE RICE- 7.2gm

From the aforesaid mathematical contents you must be sure that there is not much difference in having brown or white rice.

If you fear that you will gain weight by having white rice than you are wrong. Because both type of rice contain similar fat issues. Important thing is that if you think that the amount of rice you are consuming is healthy for you then you should eat rice. But when you see that you are having a lot amount of it then it’s a bad matter for you to gain weight. Another way the rice is a matter of gaining weight is that if you fry your rice in oil or butter.

I can suggest you one little tips. If you are a rice lover and also wanted to control your weight then you can go for Basmati rice. Basmati rice contains a few amount of fat which would not affect your health at all.

Also you can consume white rice but in a manner that is suitable for you. You can also take advice from a nutritionist about what portion of rice you will take for your meal. And if you are health conscious person then do not add oil or butter in your rice.



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